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Pacific Conservatory of Music loans pianos and more to students for summer

Toby Keys practices in his Sacramento home on a Steinway loaner piano

Toby Keys ’22, a jazz studies major, practices in his Sacramento home on a Steinway loaner piano.

Jun 4, 2020
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The Conservatory of Music arranged some very special deliveries recently.

Pianos, marimbas and xylophones.

That means some University of the Pacific students will try to ride out the COVID-19 pandemic with the ability to practice and create music in their homes.

Toby Keys ’22, a jazz studies major, is one of eight students with a summer loaner—in his case, a Steinway.

"Shout out to the Conservatory of Music for loaning me a Steinway piano for the quarantine for free!” he said in a social media post. “It was delivered to my family home in Sacramento … I asked for it when I found out that they would do that for piano majors in need of better instruments to practice this summer. The piano is also a nice addition to our living room although I had to rearrange it quite a bit to make the piano fit.”

Marty Weiner and staff of Weiner Piano Services delivered the eight pianos, three marimbas and two xylophones.

“I see a classy and generous act of caring from conservatory leadership, commensurate with the disaster we are all facing,” Weiner said. “I can assure you that as each was delivered the respective students were demonstrably excited and appreciative.”

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