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116 Stockton staff members to be recognized for years of service

Jun 1, 2020

University of the Pacific will honor 116 staff members for their anniversaries of service at the upcoming Stockton Staff Years of Service Virtual Ceremony on Thursday, June 18, 2020, from 2 to 3:30 p.m. 

Although we cannot gather in person at this time, we will continue our tradition of recognizing our colleagues for their service and dedication by gathering virtually. Please join us as we celebrate their contributions to Pacific. A link to join the celebration was sent via email Friday, May 29.

Below is a list of the 2020 Years of Service recipients: 

5 Years of Service
Myrna Acoba-Rapisura, Development
Anthony Alcaraz, Enrollment Management
Dylan Bacon, Business and Finance
Johanna Bakmas, President’s Division
Nico Barredo, President’s Division
Jennifer Blankenship, Academic Division
Rosalinda Boyette, Academic Division
Alex Bradeis, Business and Finance
Amanda Chow Business and Finance
Polly Crabtree, Development
Troy Daniel, Business and Finance
Claudia De La Cruz, Academic Division
Anne Eastlick, Student Life
Ronald Ellison, Business and Finance
Sandra Evans, Academic Division
Ida Fontanilla, Academic Division
Richard Ford, Student Life
Risa Fujishige Siador, Academic Division
Jared Gaynor, Academic Division
Nicole Grady, Academic Division
Ryan Griffith, Academic Division
Joey Gullikson, President’s Division
Yasmine Keen, Academic Division
Jonathan Latta, Enrollment Management
Jet Lero, Business and Finance
John Linhares, Academic Division
Janel Ludwig, President’s Division
Christina Magana, Academic Division
Theresa Mayfield, Academic Division
Miguel Medrano, Academic Division
Kevin Mills, President’s Division
Robert Norton, President’s Division
Daniel Nunes, Pacific Technology
Stacey Nunes, Academic Division
Fernando Reyes, Academic Division
Olivia Rivera, Business and Finance
Barbara Sasso, Academic Division
Colleen Smith, Student Life
James Stack, Academic Division
Amy Starr, President’s Division
Laura Steed, Student Life
Paul Sunga, Student Life
Linda Vasquez, President’s Division
Janice Wagner, Development
Patrick Wolak, Academic Division
Jamie Ying, Business and Finance

10 Years of Service
Adriana Alicea, Business and Finance
Rosa Barboza, Academic Division
Kathleen Crisp, Enrollment Management
Timothy Dickson, Development
Jenifer Flora, Academic Division
Mark Foreman, Academic Division
Gregory Gibbons, President’s Division
Shane Grimes, Academic Division
Dave Hamlett, Enrollment Management
Kyle Harkness, Academic Division
Dua Her, Academic Division
Lisa Johnston, Academic Division
Joshua Jones, President’s Division
Lori Kinder, Business and Finance
Debbie Kinyon, Academic Division
Lynne Lechich, President’s Division
Desiree Maldonado, Business and Finance
Heather Mariani, Business and Finance
Herson Navas, Business and Finance
Breann Northcutt, Student Life
Thomas Pogue, Academic Division
Demetrio Sabado, Business and Finance
Richard Scherr, Business and Finance
Todd Sparrow, Business and Finance
Ada Ulloa, Business and Finance

15 Years of Service
Gina Anaya, Business and Finance
Heather Bishop, Business and Finance
Margaret Caldwell, Business and Finance
Elinore Ceballos, Academic Division
Shannon Chi, Business and Finance
Rebecca Davis, Academic Division
Joseph Esposito, Pacific Technology
Helena Ferrill, Academic Division
Candace Geiszler, Business and Finance
Louisa Jones, Business and Finance
Mark Kas, Business and Finance
Mason Lee, Business and Finance
Lily Lye, Academic Division
Penny Mak, Pacific Technology
Lauri McInnis, Academic Division
Gerardo Rosales, Business and Finance
Leslie Rudbeck, Student Life
Fernando Ruiz, Business and Finance
Holly Trexler, President’s Division
Brett Williams, Academic Division
Cynthia Wilson, Business and Finance

20 Years of Service
Denia Andersen, Student Life
Raul Dacpano, Business and Finance
Audrey George, Business and Finance
Lisa Guzman, Student Life
Sara Kleinert, Academic Division
Randall Ogans, Pacific Technology
Toby Rose, Business and Finance
Faye Snowden, Pacific Technology
Edie Sparks, Academic Division
Jacob Williams, Business and Finance
Der Yang, President’s Division 

25 Years of Service
Marcia Fox, Academic Division
Melinda Leal, Academic Division
Lori Slawson, Business and Finance
Holly White, Academic Division

30 Years of Service
Rita Kwong, Enrollment Management
Suzy Martegani, Development

35 Years of Service
Monique Pioli, Enrollment Management

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