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Student emergency fund donations near $150,000

May 28, 2020

The comments are heartbreaking and heartwarming.

University of the Pacific students of many backgrounds have faced issues and obstacles during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I have never been in a position where I had to rely on others to make sure I was going to eat,” said one student. “I am not sure where I would have turned to for food if it weren’t for the support, donations and resources that you all have given us.”

Added another: "I absolutely appreciate what you are doing for the community by donating to me and my children. I often go without so that my kids can eat enough. It's really hard to study when you cannot eat all the time."

There are currently nine emergency funds providing help at all three campuses. The Pacific community continues to rally behind those in need with generous donations to the emergency funds. As of the end of May, 542 gifts totaled $148,101 and have helped more than 550 students.

Food insecurities are only one issue faced by students. Other concerns range from housing to the need for counseling.

"Your response has been remarkable, and serves as a powerful reminder of what it means to belong to the Pacific family,” Vice President for Student Life Carrie Lovelace Petr said in an email to donors. “Thank you for giving so generously and for providing hope and relief to our students.”

The needs will continue and likely diversify heading into the fall. The Pacific Emergency Scholarship Fund will help offset the cost of tuition for students who are struggling financially.

To review donation options and make a gift to help support students, visit

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