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COVID-19 Recovery Task Force

May 7, 2020

Interim President Maria Pallavicini has formed a universitywide COVID-19 Recovery Task Force to help ensure Pacific is fully prepared for students, faculty and staff to return to our campuses. Led by Vice President for Business and Finance Ken Mullen, the task force is reviewing potential scenarios to ensure we are well prepared to reopen the three campuses. Roberta Martoza, director of enterprise risk management, is ensuring the coordination and integration of planning and recommendations.           

The task force is composed of faculty, staff and students (listed below) working on cross-university action teams to explore how Pacific will address health and safety, classrooms and instruction, student services including housing and dining, faculty and staff returning to campus, facilities, events and government impact (compliance). Members have been gathering input from and consulting with members of our university community, including Pacific’s partners (such as Bon Appetit) and others, including tenants of the San Francisco Campus building.  Leaders of the various teams presented their initial findings to Cabinet today and will make draft recommendations Friday. The group’s recommendation will be reviewed for compliance with federal, state and county guidelines.

Questions or comments for the task force can be emailed to Plans will be shared once finalized.

COVID-19 Recovery Task Force Members and Teams

Health and Safety
Dayna Cerruti-Barbero, Health Services (Stockton)
Eric Boyce, Academics (Stockton)
Eve Cuny, Academics (San Francisco)
Grant Bedford, Public Safety (Stockton) 

Academics and International
Clemence Kucera, Academics (Sacramento)
Eric Boyce, Academics (Stockton)
Jared Gaynor, Provost's Office (Stockton)
Jeff Shafer, Academics (Stockton)
Mary-Beth Moylan, Academics (Sacramento)
Patricia Campbell, Academics (Stockton)

Student Services
Ashley Silva-Guzman, Student (Stockton)
Liz Malone, Student: incoming ASuop vice president (Stockton)
Randi Holguin, Student: incoming ASuop president (Stockton)

Aquila Galgon, Financial Aid (Stockton)
Christian Sumabat, Pacific Tech (Stockton)
Dylan Bacon, Human Resources (Stockton)
Kara Bell, Business and Finance (San Francisco)
Roberta Martoza, Business and Finance (Stockton) 

Joe Berthiaume, Residence Life (Stockton)
Patrick Faverty, Business and Finance (Sacramento) 

Allison Dumas, Student Life (Stockton)
Cathy Wooton, Development (Stockton)
Chris Pond, Athletics (Stockton)
Janine Swanson, President's Office (Stockton)
Liz Malone, Student: incoming ASuop vice president (Stockton) 

Government Impact
Dylan Bacon, Human Resources (Stockton)
Jared Gaynor, Provost's Office (Stockton)
Liam Connolly, Marketing and Communications (Stockton)
Ron Ellison, Business and Finance (Stockton)
Steve Greenwood, Physical Plant (Stockton) 

Task Force Support
Karen Romero, Business and Finance (Stockton)
Lori DeMercurio, Business and Finance (Stockton)

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