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Pharmacy “myth busters” go online to debunk pandemic rumors, misinformation

May 7, 2020

Nine students from the class of 2020 in University of the Pacific’s Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy are busy debunking myths about the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Pharmacy myth busters image

In fact, they call themselves “Pharmacy Students Busting Myths.” 

The students and four advisors have populated a website packed with helpful information, including evidence that some coronavirus myths are simply not true. All told, the myth busters take on 21 assertions that range from who is most likely to contract the disease to the best materials for masks to the impact on pets.

“We are a group of pharmacy students and pharmacists keeping up with the latest research,” the group writes on the website. “We find recent rumors or myths and debunk them. Our goal is to educate and empower you to take the best care of yourself and those around you.”

The nine students are Tamara Sada, Devin Hu, Bill Nguyen, Petrus Nguyen, Tom Nguyen, Stephinie Golik, D.J. Shergill, Kyra Gong and Alice Lin. The advisors are pharmacy faculty members Yvonne Mai, Sachin Shah, Marie Scott and Nancy Nguyen.

For a look at their work, visit the Pharmacy Students Busting Myths website.


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