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Office of Compliance

3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Privacy Program

The University of the Pacific Privacy Program is part of the Office of  Compliance and is committed to preserving the privacy of university information and the privacy rights of those individuals and organizations whose information the University collects, creates, transmits or maintains.

We are dedicated to preventing unauthorized access and disclosure of such information, as well as ensuring it's integrity and availability. We work to raise awareness of the value of privacy and provide guidance and best practices to the University community.


  Member Position Phone Email
Lindsey Green

Lindsey Green

University Privacy Officer 415.351.7124 Email
Ken Kerrick

Ken Kerrick

Chief Information Security Officer 209.946.2729 Email
Jared Gaynor

Jared Gaynor

Interim Chief Compliance Officer 209.932.7597 Email