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McGeorge students impress judge in virtual trials

Apr 30, 2020
Judge Allan Hardcastle ’77, ’79
Judge Allan Hardcastle ’77, ’79

Judge Allan Hardcastle ’77, ’79 was very impressed with University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law students recently when he held court in a unique venue. The long-time Sonoma County Superior Court judge and Pacific Alumni Association vice president, shares the experience in his words:

“I think Pacific is doing as well as it can, given all the uncertainty in the COVID-19 pandemic. I applaud the efforts of the professors and their students in adjusting to our new virtual learning world.

“I have a specific example: I had the honor and privilege to preside over two trials in the McGeorge Trial Advocacy course over the past couple of weeks. The students and their witnesses all appeared remotely and Professor Jay Leach was the ‘host’ at the school. 

“I presided over the trial sitting at a desk in my bedroom. (I used the McGeorge courtroom as my virtual background).

“The students brought the same energy, passion and advocacy that I see when I preside over their cases in the courtroom on the UOP McGeorge campus. Professor Leach saw to it that the technology worked well. I thought it was a job well done by the faculty, students and the school.”

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