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UOP International temporarily reducing staffing

Apr 23, 2020

UOP International (UOPI), a joint venture between Shorelight LLC and University of the Pacific, has notified Pacific that it is temporarily reducing staffing on Pacific’s three campuses due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. UOPI will place 13 of its 19 employees on temporary, unpaid leave of absences until September 1.

Like so many across the nation and around the world, Shorelight has had to face the challenges of the growing outbreak of COVID-19. While Shorelight remains well positioned to continue to nurture a pipeline for on-campus study when it ultimately returns, a pandemic that requires physical distancing has transformed students’ needs overnight into top-tier educational options that can be experienced at a distance. 

This change does not diminish Pacific’s commitment to international students as part of our strategic enrollment priorities. The university is working in close partnership with Shorelight to support our students on campus and those who have returned home. Local students will continue to work with the six remaining UOPI employees and students who have returned home will be connected with advisors in their home time zone.

Since April 2016, Pacific has partnered with Shorelight Education LLC to expand access to a diverse group of qualified international students looking to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree. The goal is to foster a global learning community that benefits domestic and international students alike. UOPI offers international students dedicated ESL preparation, transitional programming and personalized enrollment support services.

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