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Robin Imhof, associate professor and academic support librarian at Pacific

Robin Imhof, associate professor and academic support librarian at Pacific.

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Pacific professor to senior students: ‘Your class will be historic’

Apr 23, 2020

Words of support from a professor can have a positive and lasting impact. Robin Imhof, associate professor and academic support librarian at Pacific, teaches a PACS seminar class comprised largely of seniors. She recently delivered a heartfelt written message to her students.

I wanted to share some thoughts with you when the news broke about graduation being canceled, knowing how disappointed you must be. After all, you have worked hard for four years, five years, maybe more.

You have made significant investments in time and money and likely gave up tempting activities because assignments were looming. You justly deserve a university celebration surrounded by friends and family honoring your achievements with all the pomp and ceremony for which Pacific is famous.

But what your class will have is something historic, something that distinguishes your class notably from others: you have the bragging rights to say that you earned your degree in the middle of a global pandemic. Do not downplay that. This is no small accomplishment.

Think of it. During a job interview, when a potential employer asks why you are the best candidate, you can legitimately tell them how resilient you are. That even when times were uncertain you may have been a little fearful and going a whole lot stir-crazy from social distancing, you stuck to your studies and persevered to earn your degree.

What a story to tell the children someday! Especially when they complain about their own annoyance at doing homework. You will very likely inspire resilience and perseverance in others and be role models for those in the future who are fortunate enough to cross your path.

You can count me among them.

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