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Sample Three-Year Plan (Applied Mathematics, BS)

In order to meet the necessary 120 units, students will need to transfer in 18-24 units of credit (typically AP credit) including Calculus I or supplement the program with summer courses.

Fall 1 Spring 1
Pacific Seminar I Pacific Seminar I
Math 53 Calculus II Math 55 Calculus III
Math 52 (1 unit elective) Elective (Physics 55)
General Education (Physics 53) General Education
General Education

Fall 2 Spring 2
Computer Science 51 or 61 Math 141 Linear Algebra
Math 49 or Math 57 Math Elective 1 or General Education
Math 75 Linear Algebra Math Elective 2
General Education General Education
Math 81 recommended

Fall 3 Spring 3
Applied Math Elective Applied Math Elective
Math or Applied Math Elective Elective
General Education Elective
General Education Pacific Seminar III