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Kelly Lootz
Recruitment & Outreach Manager
School of Health Sciences
University of the Pacific
Administrative Building Room 100
3200 Fifth Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95817

Prerequisite Courses

  • Courses taken to fulfill prerequisites may be taken at any accredited university or college (including community colleges and accredited online programs) online or in-person.
  • A minimum grade of “C” (2.0) is required.
  • With the exception of Medical Terminology which can be 1-2 units, all other prerequisites must have a minimum of 3 credit hours.

Please note: We require applicants to complete all prerequisite courses by end of summer of the application cycle (i.e., by September of year prior to start of class in January). Students apply for admission through Occupational Therapy Centralized Application Service (OTCAS). Applications from students with more than two courses in progress or not yet completed will not be considered for admission.

All application materials must be sent directly to the Occupational Therapy Centralized Application Service ( OTCAS) and received/completed by midnight Eastern Standard Time on the admission deadline. Applicants should confirm their status as verified on OTCAS.

OTD Prerequisite Requirements
Requirement Course Delivery Course Details
Human Anatomy with Lab Online or In-Person Examines the structures of the body's various systems. If this course is combined with physiology, the correlations between structure and function are analyzed.
Human Physiology with Lab Online or In-Person Examines the functions of the body's various systems at both the macro and micro level. If combining A & P, must take both courses in series
Introduction to Statistics Online or In-Person One course, to include descriptive and inferential statistics, correlation, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, and introduction to regression analysis.
Medical Terminology Online or In-Person Overview of medical terms and common diagnoses.
Movement Science; Physics or Biomechanics Online or In-Person Lab Optional. Basic physics covering motion, electric current, wave mechanics preferred. Biomechanics course must cover planes of movement, kinematics, and origin and insertion of muscles.
Sociology, Anthropology or Ethics Online or In-Person Course must be in one of these three departments, recommend introductory course.
Human Development through the Life Span Online or In-Person Course must cover the physiological and psychological development of human through the entire life span (i.e. birth to death).
Abnormal Psychology Online or In-Person One course. Examines abnormal behavior and its classification, causes, treatment, and prevention.


Recommended Courses

University of the Pacific highly recommends that applicants understand and are exposed to a variety of courses in order to prepare for the OTD program. While these courses are not required, they do provide a basis for choosing to pursue occupational therapy.

Optional Courses: Recommended, but not required
Requirement Course Delivery Course Details
Therapeutic Media Online or In-Person Hand-craft courses, technology design, ceramics, two-dimensional design, 3-D design.
Public Speaking or and/Oral Communication Online or In-Person Courses that provides instruction on how to prepare and deliver professional oral presentations.