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How to Connect with Classmates

If you have group work requiring you to connect with other students outside of class, here are resources to help you do that: 

  1. The Canvas Guide for Students includes functionality students can access within their course to facilitate collaborations.
  2. In particular collaborations within the Canvas guide include how to use: 
    1. Google Docs as a collaboration tool
    2. Microsoft Office 365 as a collaboration tool
  3. Students can also access Skype, a free communications tool that can be used for video chats and voice calls, within Canvas as well.
  4. In addition, Pacific Technology has developed instructions on how to get started with WebEx, a video conferencing tool available to Pacific students. See their “Learning Remotely” resource page.
  5. Students can also collaborate on digital whiteboards:
    • Zoom has built-in whiteboard collaboration tools
    • WebEx has built-in whiteboard collaboration tools
    • Google Jamboard
      • Limited tools (pencil, eraser, post-its, upload image, laser pointer)
      • Unlimited whiteboards
    • Microsoft Whiteboard
      • Variety of tools
      • Integration with Microsoft Teams
      • Unlimited whiteboards
    • A Web Whiteboard (AWW)
      • Limited tools (pencil, eraser, post-its, shapes, text boxes, arrows, file upload [JPEG, PDF, PPT], built-in chat box)
      • Limited whiteboards (3) after two week free trial
    • Explain Everything Whiteboard
      • Free, up to 3 projects
      • Variety of tools
      • Audio support
      • Option to record interaction on the Whiteboard
      • Participants can be invited through email