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Guide for Undergraduates: Pass or No Credit Grading Option + Withdrawals for Spring 2020

When students register for the Pass/No Credit (P/NC) grading option, they will not earn a letter grade in a course. Instead, their grade will appear as either a “Pass,” which requires that they earn a C- or higher in their graded work for the course, or “No Credit” if they earn a D+ or lower in their graded work for the course. When students withdraw from a course, they will not receive credit; a “W” will appear on their transcript.

Existing Pass/No Credit University Policy
Students may request to receive pass or no credit grades rather than the traditional letter grades in no more than one eligible course per semester if they file this request before January 24, 2020. Courses that may not be taken P/NC include major courses and Pacific Seminar courses.

Existing Withdrawal Policy
Students may withdraw from a course with a “W” on their transcript after the last day to drop a course if they file this request before March 26, 2020.

Special Exception to the Pass/No Credit and Withdrawal Policies during Spring 2020 semester

In recognition of the unexpected transition and inherent challenges to remote learning during the COVID-19 crisis, University of the Pacific is granting undergraduate students an exception to the Pass/No Credit grading policy and the Course Withdrawal policy during Spring 2020. The new policies provide the following options:

  1. Undergraduates (see the FAQs below for exceptions) have the option to change any number of their current letter-graded courses to the Pass/No Credit grading option up to the last day of spring semester classes (April 28, 2020).
  2. Undergraduates may withdraw from any course in which they are currently enrolled up to the last day of spring semester classes (April 28, 2020).
  3. In advance of making a decision, students are urged to review the FAQs below and to consult with their faculty advisors and any program in which they participate, as well as a financial aid counselor as needed, to evaluate any potential consequences.

Procedure for Changing Spring 2020 Grades to Pass/No Credit or Withdrawing from a course

If you have decided to change to P/NC or withdraw from a course, please submit your decision for processing to

Please submit all requests from your official Pacific email ( to authenticate your request and expedite processing.  In your email, please include the following information:

  • Name
  • Pacific ID
  • Provide the Spring 2020 course CRN and name
  • Indicate if you would like to receive a pass or no credit grade rather than a traditional letter grade or would like a late withdrawal from the course

The submission deadline is Tuesday, April 28, 2020 by 5 p.m

You will receive an email confirmation once your submission is processed.

Important Note: Until your submission is processed, please note that DegreeWorks, InsidePacific, and your academic transcript will not reflect this change.

Visit the Pass or No Credit Grading Option FAQs to find more information.