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We named the project "Hanami" because it stemmed from "Seeds of the Sakura", a digital media project completed in 2019 that aimed to increase understanding about Japan’s cultural history through the life experiences of a former University of the Pacific student, Sanji Muto. Hanami comes from the Japanese word hana meaning “flower” and translates to “flower viewing”. It is a traditional Japanese custom of enjoying the fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms in the Spring. The popularity of viewing Sakura blossoms grew when Japan shifted focus to adopt an appreciation and sensitivity towards nature, many centuries ago. 

This site provides a description of a digital media project, Hanami, that aims to increase understanding about Japan’s cultural history through a series of Augmented Reality experiences installed in Sanji Muto study room located on the 2nd floor of William Know Holt Memorial Library and Learning Center. Augmented Reality allows you to display digital content overlay of an object in real life through a screen on a smartphone or table. Through Augmented Reality experiences, this student created project highlights of some of Sanji Muto’s timeless messages and Japan’s graceful cultural practices.

Hanami Project Overview

Professor Josh Salyers' Remarks 

Read the speech prepared by Professor Josh Salyers in anticipation of the Sanji Muto study room rededication ceremony. (video presentation coming soon)

    Project Deliverables

    Sanji Muto Digital Museum: Step into a virtual museum dedicated to Sanji Muto where you can explore different facets of Sanji Muto’s life. While exploring this museum, experience the sounds and sights of traditional Japanese culture. Click here to see a feature video of this experience. 

    Virtual museum dedicated to Sanji Muto

    Screenshot of the Sanji Muto Digital Museum application.

    Interactive Art Display: Scan the triangle pictures installed in the study room to have various forms of interactive media augment your experience. The interactive media contains images, videos, rich textual knowledge and auditory insight on the extraordinary life of Sanji Muto. Click here to see a feature video of this experience.

    Niraj Chaudhary holding up a tablet to experience AR capabilities of the Muto application

    Hold up a smart device to the art display

    The application detects each triangle and displays digital interactable information icons for the user to click on.

    Click on the information icons

    If the user taps on the informational “i” icon, then historical information is presented on screen to them.

    Audio, video and/or text will be displayed

    Japanese Teahouse: A miniature wooden replica of a traditional Japanese teahouse was constructed for the study room to highlight some of Japan’s graceful practices. Scan the teahouse to see an animated video about some of traditional Japanese social etiquettes. Click here to see a feature video of this experience.

    Teahouse 3D model

    Japanese teahouse model

    Demoing of the the teahouse through AR capability

    Demonstration of the teahouse feature  

    You can experience these applications by downloading them from the Apple’s App Store or the Google’s Playstore. If you need a device, you can borrow an iPad Mini at the Ask Us desk. (additional information coming soon)

    Software Used

    1. Media Production
      • Audio Recording/Editing
        • Adobe Audition
      • Video Editing
        • Adobe Premiere Pro

    2. 3D modeling
      • Blender
      • Maya
      • Adobe Mixamo
      • Daz Studio

    3. Motion Capture
      • XSens Suit

    4. Development
      • Unity
        • ARKit framework
        • Vuforia SDK


    Josh Salyers
    Josh Salyers
    Kadri Nizam
    Kadri Nizam
    Keely Canniff
    Keely Canniff
    Mary Somerville
    Mary Somerville
    Motoko Day
    Motoko Day
    Niraj Chaudhary
    Niraj Chaudhary
    Ryan Inamine
    Ryan Inamine
    Thy Son
    Thy Son
    Yusif Imanov
    Yusif Imanov