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Connecting with Faculty Online

  1. The many reasons for students to reach out to faculty instructors remain the same in an online environment as in an in-person classroom:
    • Asking questions about an assignment before turning it in
    • Asking questions about an assignment after you’ve received graded feedback
    • Seeking clarification or elaboration on a specific reading/lecture/topic
      (*This should be pursued AFTER completing the reading, lecture etc.)
    • Discussing your participation in the course
    • Seeking guidance on where to look for more information about a topic
    • Requesting help navigating the online classroom environment
  2. Likewise, the many ways to reach out to faculty remain similar in an online course as they are in an in-person course:
    • Attend Virtual Office Hours
    • Post questions in online forums/discussion
    • Email your professor
  3. Be patient with faculty and know that they are juggling family and household responsibilities just like many of you while they transition their teaching to a new online environment.
  4. Faculty want you to be successful! If you have feedback about how to make your online learning experience in their class more effective, reach out to them with a suggestion.
  5. Keep the connection—remember that you interacted with them in-person for the first eight weeks of the semester; send a friendly message to stay in-touch.