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Set Up Your Space

Most of us are confined in our homes, so it’s important to make your learning space as effective as possible. If you are sharing a space with others, consider the following:

  • Try to agree on a schedule with family members and/or roommates when you can rely on quiet time to be able to focus.
  • Use a headset or headphones to reduce distractions. When not online, consider playing soothing music while you study.
    • If the audio function on your computer is preventing you from hearing content online or if you will be participating in your online class in an environment that contains a great deal of noise and distraction, apply for a headset. We ask you to request a headset only if one is not available to you by any other means as we have a small supply. Send a request from your university email to with the following information:
      • Your name and 98- number
      • The address to which the headset should be mailed
      • A statement that you will otherwise have no alternative to enhancing the audio for your classes
      • A statement that you understand that the headset is a loaner
      • A promise to return the headset in its original packaging upon demand by University of the Pacific (note: Pacific will pay for return shipping).
  • Declutter the space where you will study and take your online classes. As published in the Plos Biology (2006) Academic Journal, studies show that clutter leads to an increase of errors.