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Learning Remotely

As noted in this memo, effective March 23rd, the University of the Pacific will be delivering classes via remote instruction. The University provides a variety of digital learning tools (see below) to enable students to sustain learning and maintain contact with their faculty during this transition and through the term.


For class, projects, and study rooms.

Getting Started With Webex:


Getting Started With Zoom:

Tips and tricks for attending a remotely hosted class

  1. Take steps to improve internet performance with this guide
  2. Test your microphone, speakers, and webcam ahead of time
  3. Try to minimize running processor or network intensive applications
  4. Reduce background noise in your room
  5. Ensure your workstation meets the minimum specs:
    • 2.5 GHz Dual Core Intel Core i5 and higher desktop CPU (single screen)
    • 2.8 GHz Quad Core Intel Core i7 and higher desktop CPU (dual or triple screen)

Canvas instructions

Office 365 installation

Installing Microsoft Office 365

Common Links

Remote Proctored Exams

Faculty may ask students to take a proctored exam at home using RPNow through Canvas. It is recommended that faculty validate tests on home internet and workstation compatibility with the exam proctor tool:

Additional information on system requirements can be found here:

Technology FAQ’s

What if I don’t have internet access at home?

If you do not have an Internet Service Provider (ISP), we recommend seeing what offerings are available for ISP’s in your area.  Each ISP offers different services, and each ISP offers options for internet access.  For example, if you live near someone using an Xfinity router, it creates a free public hotspot.

Charter also has some free Wi-Fi options available.

What if I need help setting up my computer for remote learning?

Setting a computer up for remote learning requires very little modification to your current setup. Internet access and a browser is typically all that is required. If you have any questions around your specific setup, please contact your campus technical service provider.

What if I need help using Canvas to complete my courses online?

Canvas Support is available 24/7 to all faculty, students, and staff, for any Canvas questions or issues you may have. You can contact them by clicking on "Help" in the left-hand navigation bar in Canvas, then selecting "Chat with Canvas Support". You can also call the support hotline at 1-844-698-7483.

What tools can students use to whiteboard with other students?

All students have access to use WebEx meetings and can leverage the built-in functionality. Faculty hosting a Zoom meeting can leverage the whiteboard tool built-in and provide access to students to contribute to a whiteboard during class. Microsoft Office 365 also has a whiteboard capability through the app.

What should I do if I don’t have a laptop?

As was outlined in previous email communications from President Callahan, most of our courses for the semester will be taught using remote modalities that require access to a computer. Because we recognize that not every student may have access to a computer at home, the University has acquired and repurposed a limited number of basic computers that can be loaned to our students who need them for the duration of this crisis. This option is only available for students who do not have access to a computer at all. We ask students to ONLY request a computer if one is absolutely essential since we only have a limited number. The computers are loaners. When this crisis ends or upon demand of the University, the computers must be returned to the University. Please keep the box in which we ship you the computer. The University will cover the cost of shipping the computer back to the University. If you are eligible for a computer, please immediately email remote-equipment-request@pacific.edufrom your university email address. Your email must include the following components:

    • Your name, Student ID number, and the best phone number to reach you
    • The address to which any laptop should be shipped
    • A statement that you will otherwise have no computer to use for your classes
    • A statement that you understand that the laptop is a loaner
    • A promise to return the laptop upon demand by the University of the Pacific.