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Diabetes Care and Management Subspecialization

The Master of Social Work program has developed a Diabetes Care and Management (DCM) subspecialization in its healthcare social work program in collaboration with the Master of Science in Nursing program. This program is designed for students interested in pursuing health social work careers focusing on diabetes prevention, education and management in Stockton and the Central Valley. 

Students in the DCM subspecialization will: (a) take two MSN courses, Special Topics: Diabetes Care and Management (NURS 113B) and Population Health (NURS 219) as their two required MSW program electives; (b) complete the 30-week specialized practice field placement in a healthcare setting that provides services to patients/clients with diabetes issues; and (c) conduct an evaluation study on a DCM topic for their capstone project in Practice Informed Research in Health Settings (SOCW 229).

DCM Scholarship

Scholarships may be available for students who wish to pursue the DCM subspecialization within the Master of Social Work (MSW) program and plan to serve the residents of Stockton after graduation.  The social work program will inform all admitted students residing in the greater Stockton area when the availability of the scholarship is confirmed so they may apply.

For more information about the interdisciplinary DCM subspecialization and the scholarship, please contact Rose Wong, MSW program director, at