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McGeorge School of Law hosting International Contracts Conference Feb. 21–22

Feb 19, 2020

University of the Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law is hosting the 15th annual International Contracts Conference, the largest conference in the country devoted to contracts and related areas of commercial law, on Feb. 21–22. This is McGeorge’s second time organizing and hosting the event. 

The two-day event, also known as KCon, celebrates contracts law and scholarship. Different law schools host the conference each year, attracting participants from across the U.S. and world, including scholars and teachers from diverse disciplines and all experience levels, as well as individuals preparing to teach law.

“McGeorge has a long history of contracts teaching and scholarship dating back to Dean Gordon Schaber,” said McGeorge professor Michael Malloy, KCon faculty organizer.

The conference provides participants the opportunity to present papers and works-in-progress on contract scholarship, whether doctrinal, historical, jurisprudential, economic, philosophical, pedagogical or interdisciplinary. Papers presented at KCon will be included in a symposium issue of Pacific Law Review.

A host of panel discussions will be held both days, including presentations by Pacific’s Interim Provost Michael Hunter Schwartz, McGeorge’s Associate Dean Jeffrey Proske, Jarrod Wong, co-director of McGeorge’s Global Center for Business and Development and Daniel Croxall, assistant professor of lawyering skills at McGeorge, along with colleagues from other universities.

The Lifetime Achievement Award for 2020 will be presented to John Andrew Spanogle Jr., emeritus professor of law at George Washington University School of Law. Spanogle, a graduate of Princeton University and University of Chicago Law School, has taught at George Washington University since 1988.

“Professor Spanogle has spent a lifetime working, teaching and writing in the commercial and consumer law field, including his work with the UN Commission on International Trade Law,” Malloy said. KCon will celebrate Spanogle’s achievements during the opening dinner on Feb. 21.

Visit McGeorge School of Law’s website for more information about this event.

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