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X Boundaries to address diversity gap in media and entertainment

Feb 11, 2020

This year’s X-Boundaries event will address diversity in television, music, film and other media. Over the past decade the lack of diversity in the entertainment world has drawn the attention of the public. Gross disparity in pay for women actors, the scarcity of Asian-, African-, and Latin-American leaders throughout the boardrooms and executive suites of the music industry have prompted people to speak out for equity.

Presented by College of the Pacific and the Conservatory of Music, “See Us. Hear Us: Addressing the Diversity Gap in Media and Entertainment” will bring leaders from television, music, film, law and politics to University of Pacific’s Stockton campus to discuss diversity issues in-depth. Pacific students will have the extraordinary opportunity to talk with these leaders and share their impressions during breakout sessions.

“Film, television and the music industries have similar barriers. Our students, who will soon work in those industries, are looking forward to hearing about diversity issues from the speakers who are actually working to change the status quo,” said Media X chair Kevin Pontuti.

See the program.

See Us. Hear Us: Addressing the Diversity Gap in Media and Entertainment
Date: Friday, Feb. 28, 2020
Time: 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m. (drop-in participation welcome)
Place: DUC Ballroom
Free and open to all Pacific students, faculty and staff
Register at Eventbrite to reserve your space. Lunch provided.

Scholarly Commons page and digital program

Keynote Speaker:

Madeline DiNonnoMadeline Di Nonno , CEO of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. Di Nonno heads the institute’s research and advocacy efforts which have reported the pervasive gender bias present throughout mainstream media and culture. The institute has raised awareness and empowered many media professionals to take a proactive role in reducing and eliminating such bias.


Mario Enriquez Mario Enriquez ’10, director of Domestic Programs at the LGTBQ Victory Institute, which prepares LGBTQ candidates to run for office. JoAnne Butcher Joanne Butcher, Filmmaker, producer and founder of

Samantha Juneman Samantha Juneman ’10, vice president of Commercial Partnerships for Universal Music Group, the world’s largest music company. Brandon Stansell Brandon Stansell, country music performer. The video for his single, “Hometown,” was the first on CMT to address LGBTQ issues.

Lana Ludovico Lana Ludovico aka DJ Lil Buddha, DJ, tour manager, cultural organizer and artivist consultant. Bonnie Gallanter Bonnie Gallanter, President Music Artist Management, director of The Women’s International Music Network, co-producer,

Tama Brisbane Tama Brisbane, Founder of With Our Words, Inc., an internationally acclaimed spoken word troupe Anna Tubbs Anna Nti-Asare-Tubbs, Author and researcher into gender and race issues

Chinwe Ohanele Chinwe Ohanele ’10, arts entrepreneur and attorney, founder of UNICON, African arts and comic convention Cookie Marenco Cookie Marenco, Founder, Blue Coast Records, Grammy-nominated music producer

Jennifer Musselman Jennifer Musselman, Nickelodeon executive, change and leadership consultant diversity consultant


Carrie PetrCarrie Petr, Vice President of Student Life at University of the Pacific. 
A passionate advocate for the college student experience, Petr supports 
the co-curricular life of students.

Teresa Bergman    Teresa Bergman, Communication Chair, University of the Pacific. Author of “The Commemoration of Women in the United States: Remembering Women in Public Space.”    Macelle Mahala Macelle Mahala, Media X professor, Humanities Center director, University of the Pacific. Author of “Penumbra: The Premier Stage for African American Drama.”

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