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Pacific in the Press | Jan. 28, 2020

Jan 28, 2020

Quote of the Week

"The history and the fiber and the DNA of Pacific
is all about innovation."

Christopher Callahan, Capital Public Radio, Jan. 28, 2020

Examples of how University of the Pacific was represented in the news media in recent days:

University Of The Pacific President-Designate Christopher Callahan,” Capital Public Radio’s “Insight With Beth Ruyak,” Jan. 28, 2020: Pacific President-Designate Christopher Callahan was interviewed and talked about his upbringing, being a first-generation college student, his life in journalism, and his journey to higher education and becoming the next president of California’s oldest chartered university. “One of the things that has always struck me about Pacific is that its history is filled with innovation. Arguably, Pacific has been one of the most innovative universities in our country dating back to when we were the first co-ed institution in California, with the first medical school. … The history and the fiber and the DNA of Pacific is all about innovation.”

NFL fumbles as Tom Flores gets passed over for the Hall of Fame,” The Washington Post via, Jan. 22, 2020: Syndicated columnist Ruben Navarrette Jr. mentioned Pacific in this piece about the snub of former regent and alumnus Tom Flores ’59 by the NFL Hall of Fame. A portion of the column reads: “But Tommy had a gift. It seems he was always comfortable gripping and throwing a football — at Sanger High School, Fresno City College, University of the Pacific and, later, the NFL. … In 1960, he became the first Hispanic starting quarterback in professional football as he led the Oakland Raiders in the American Football League (AFL). Later, he became the first Hispanic to serve as an NFL head coach. First this, first that. It’s no wonder that, as far as Mexican Americans are concerned, Flores is the Jackie Robinson of pro football.”

Trumping the Ninth: Trump is stocking federal courts with lifetime appointees who will affect country decades after he leaves office—including California’s most important court,” Sacramento News and Review, Jan. 23, 2020: McGeorge’s John Cary Sims was quoted in this story on the impact Donald Trump’s judicial appointments will have for decades to come. “The Obama administration got frustrated with the complete logjam on appointments, both to the courts and executive positions,” Sims told the News and Review. “Therefore, the Senate changed the rules.” He later said the politicized cases will be the most affected, but not so much the more routine cases.

Nile Basin states must build a flexible treaty. Here’s how,” The Conversation, Jan. 27, 2020: McGeorge JSD candidate Mahemud Tekuya wrote this commentary on the conflict over water in the Nile Basin. Tekuya, who is being supervised by McGeorge’s Stephen McCaffrey, wrote about the need for flexibility in any agreement to control the Nile Basin. The Conversation allows for other outlets to share commentary via a Creative Commons agreement, and this piece was shared by publications around the world, including the Zimbabwe Star, Singapore Star, China News,, Canada Standard,, Arab Herald and others.

Impeachment trial begins today,” Fox 40, Jan. 21, 2020: McGeorge’s Leslie Gielow Jacobs was on Fox 40 to comment on what’s next in the impeachment and trial proceedings of Donald Trump. She provided context and background for this story about the debate on trial rules, the call for evidence and witnesses, and more.

Episode 10: Heretics In The Temple (Baton Rouge Edition),” The Intercollegiate podcast, Jan. 22, 2020: HESP’s Pete Schroeder was the second guest on this podcast for its College Sport Institute Research segment. He discussed a 2010 paper on “organizational culture and academic integration of college sports.” He comes in at a little after the 47:00 point in the podcast.

The time is always right to do what is right,” Lodi News-Sentinel, Jan. 21, 2020: Pacific EdD candidate Kimberly Miller was featured in this story about The Breakthrough Project’s 22nd annual Celebration of Unity on Dr. Martin Luther King Day. Miller, the 2016 recipient of the Susan B. Anthony Women of Achievement Award and a 2018 recipient of the Stockton Women’s Collaborative: the Making a Difference Award from the San Joaquin County Commission on the Status of Women, was the keynote speaker at the event. “The encouragement we provide one another to be our collective best is our hope,” she told the News-Sentinel. “Dr. King’s dream lives in my heart and in my actions. I can’t conquer all of the injustices in our society. But I have the power to impact lives for the better. No matter how big or how small, our hope is empowered by our actions. As a bystander we watch. As a participant, united with others in service, we solidify our hope for the future generations.” Subscribers can find the complete story on the newspaper’s website.

Sacramento Bee: UOP’s School Of Health Sciences In Sacramento CA Names Dean,”, Jan. 17, 2020: California Healthline, a daily online publication featuring health care news, opinion and original reporting for health care professionals, decision makers, media organizations and consumers, shared the link to The Sacramento Bee’s story on Pacific’s new deans, Rae Matsumoto and Nicoleta Bugnariu.

A Year in Review: Azerbaijan Pursues Internal Reforms and External Multilateralism,”, Jan. 27, 2020: McGeorge alumnus Mikayil Jabbarov was mentioned in this yearend story. He was named by the president of Azerbaijan in 2019 to oversee several merged ministries as that country worked on governmental reforms. A portion of the story reads: “Jabbarov, in his previous positions as a minister of education (2013–2017) and a minister of taxes (2017–2019), demonstrated successful and efficient management and launched groundbreaking reforms at the governmental bodies under his control. Just last year, the Ministry of Taxes collected 415 million manat ($244 million) more than predicted (, December 27, 2019) thanks to a successful policy of fighting the shadow economy (Sesqazeti, December 30, 2019) and building friendlier relations with business.”

For the Love of Animals: City of Yukon opens 12,000 square-foot animal control facility,” Yukon Progress, Jan. 27, 2020: The supervisor of the new animal shelter in Yukon, Oklahoma, is a Pacific student. “I received a scholarship from the Maddie Fund, and I have been working through an on-line program toward a certificate for a shelter management program through the University of the Pacific,” Kelly Robichaud told the Progress.

5 things to do this weekend (Jan. 23-26, 2019),” The Record, Jan. 23, 2020: Three of the five items on this weekly Record feature had strong Pacific connections. COP’s Brett DeBoer was one of the faculty members from Northern California universities invited to show work during the University Faculty Invitational Exhibition at San Joaquin Delta College. A performance by the Pacific Arts Woodwind Quintet was featured. And a concert by Chris Brubeck highlighting the work of father Dave Brubeck '42 was also featured. It is not uncommon for Pacific events to be mentioned in this feature, but rarely are there three events at one time.

BYU has another challenge with improved Pacific and coach Damon Stoudamire,” The Salt Lake Tribune, Jan. 22, 2020: Damon Stoudamire and the men’s basketball team were featured in this sports column about the shift in the WCC this year, largely because of the improved Pacific men’s basketball team. “The (Gonzaga) have maybe separated themselves a little bit right now and then there's a mob of us behind them trying to fight out for who's going to get a shot at catching them,” BYU coach Mark Pope told The Tribune. “So, certainly, Pacific is in that mix, squarely. They’re really good.” Pope added of Stoudamire, “What he’s done this year is amazing. Last year, his team was actually pretty good — they were just so beset by injuries. It was really brutal. He’s got his team playing really hard, they’re winning every 50/50 ball.”

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