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Mandatory IT security awareness training for Pacific employees

Jan 21, 2020

Last year, over 1,000 U.S. schools were affected by ransomware attacks, according to Emisoft, a global cybersecurity firm. In addition, spam, phishing, malware, viruses, identity theft and fraud are all prevalent cyberattacks and educational institutions are being targeted by predators with greater frequency.

To help protect University of the Pacific’s networks from these attacks, Pacific Technology is again providing mandatory biannual information technology security awareness training. All faculty, staff, third-party and student workers who have not taken the training within the past 12 months are required to complete the course by March 15, 2020. Individuals who are required to take the training will be automatically enrolled in the course and notified.

The training takes less than 30 minutes to complete and features short videos and quizzes on IT security situations we face every day. 

Current or new employees who have taken the training within the last 12 months are encouraged to take this course, but are not required. Additional targeted training for individuals who handle restricted data will be announced at a later date. 

For more information or assistance, please visit or contact your local helpdesk: