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Learn About the Policy Program

The University of the Pacific strives to adhere to best practices in the development and implementation of policies and procedures. The format and essential elements of each University policy conform to the Policy on Policies approved by the Cabinet in 2019 which established a Policy Program to make certain that through uniform rules, procedures and guidelines the university:

  1. complies with applicable laws,
  2. adopts operational efficiencies and best ethical practices, and
  3. promotes mission-centered values and objectives

Policies may be found by searching for a policy title alphabetically, by category, or topic in the search box.

Policies limited to specific groups can be found in their respective handbooks. Policies pertaining exclusively to faculty, such as policies concerning tenure and promotion, can be found in the Faculty Handbook.

Policies pertaining to all employees, including student workers, can be located in the Staff Handbook.

In addition to the policies pertaining exclusively to students, which are found in the Tiger Lore Student Handbook, the website contains other Student Life policies that relate to students.

Information on policy development and approval can be found on the Policy Review Process page.

Interested in being a part of the process? Contact an Active Policy Working Groups.

Please click here to view Policies under review (requires Pacific login).

Are you interested in commenting on a policy under development? You can do that here.

Other information relevant to policies or related business standards may be found on other Pacific websites which have been cataloged by Unit.

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) are available here.