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Pacific in the Press | Dec. 17, 2019

Dec 17, 2019

Quote of the Week

"I was lucky enough to be at a college—University of the Pacific—that also had a budding music management program. It gave me a different perspective on music. … It was the perfect place for me."

Sam Juneman '11, Communications Leadership, Dec. 13, 2019

Examples of how University of the Pacific was represented in the news media in recent days:

Add Panache To Dinner? Bring Back The Glory Of The Trolley,” Forbes, Dec. 16, 2019: History’s Ken Albala was quoted in this story about adding flair to holiday meals through the use of trolleys, which were used to facilitate meal services on trains and in elegant restaurants. “Nostalgic chefs and restaurateurs miss the elegance and the theatrics of the past,” Albala told Forbes. “They are bringing back the flambées and the large pieces of meat carved at the table.”

The Commemoration Of Women In The United States,” Capital Public Radio’s “Insight With Beth Ruyak," Dec. 10, 2019: Communication’s Teresa Bergman was on “Insight With Beth Ruyak” to discuss women’s right to vote, the manner in which we memorialize women in this country and her book, “The Commemoration of Women in the United States: Remembering Women in Public Space.” She said it took a long time for women to gain the right to vote and to be able to participate in such areas as politics. Women were not commemorated early on because much of their work was done in the background organizing movements such as temperance. “This level of organizing really wasn’t recognized the way the leaders were, the way the elected officials were,” Bergman told “Insight With Beth Ruyak.”

Report: Stockton leads nation in rising rent costs,” Fox 40, Dec. 12, 2019: Center for Business and Policy Research’s Jeff Michael was interviewed for this story on rising rental costs in Stockton. He said the rate of increase has slowed, but is still a problem. “There’s been a little bit of relief. The trends are moderated a little bit, but still housing costs and rent costs are a growing burden for families in this area,” Michael told Fox 40. He said the proximity to the San Francisco Bay Area and lack of affordable housing are pushing the increase. “Ultimately, we’re gonna have to find ways to build new housing more efficiently and more cost effectively.” The story was broadcast several times and by other Fox affiliates.

Beverly Fitch McCarthy named 2019 Stocktonian of the Year,” The Record, Dec. 11, 2019: Beverly Fitch McCarthy, who earned a credential in educational administration at Pacific, was named Stocktonian of the Year. McCarthy taught at San Joaquin Delta College from 1962 to 1985 and is known as a local arts patron, educator, former city councilwoman, former school trustee and women’s rights advocate.

Joan Lin-Cereghino, V. Provost, Univ. of Pacific,” Inform & Inspire Podcast: The Podcast, Dec. 10, 2019: Joan Lin-Cereghino is featured on this podcast that includes the following episode description: “Joan humbly and openly shares her personal and professional journey from her undergraduate years at Princeton University all the way to meeting her husband in her doctorate program at UCSD. She shares invaluable advice for young professionals eyeing higher education as a career path and deep insight for students who wish to get the most out of their college experience.”

"'At my core, I’m punk rock. I don’t like rules’: Sam Juneman—Alumni Spotlight,” Communication Leadership (Department of Communication, University of Washington), Dec. 13, 2019: Sam Juneman '11 spoke highly of her time at Pacific: “I started off pretty early. I started playing the violin when I was five. I got into a music program in college with full intentions to be a performance major. I was lucky enough to be at a college—University of the Pacific—that also had a budding music management program. It gave me a different perspective on music. … After the internship at Universal Music Group’s NetReach, I went back to school, planning to go into the record business. Towards the end of my bachelor program, I realized that I was really getting into the digital space, and into this thing called social media. I also realized I wasn’t done learning. I was so fortunate that this was perfectly timed with the creation of the MCDM program. It was the perfect place for me.”

Scott Boras Net Worth 2019: How Rich Is Baseball’s Super Agent?,”, Dec. 12, 2019: This profile of Scott Boras ’77, ’82 mentioned that he was a baseball player at Pacific and earned two degrees here, one in pharmacy and one in law. He was defending drug companies from class action lawsuits when he started representing high school teammates, Mike Fischil and Bill Caudill. Boras was a full-time baseball agent before he was 30. Considered a “super agent,” Boras has been in the news lately because he just negotiated four very large baseball contracts.

Dave Brubeck: A Life in American Music - Part 1,”, Dec. 5, 2019: A two-part profile on Dave Brubeck was published on this blog and his time at College of the Pacific documented. A portion of the first part reads: “At College of the Pacific, Brubeck had faced discouragement more daunting than sleeplessness and the academic obstacles erected by his inability to read music; he was a jazz musician. As much as individual members of the faculty may have liked Brubeck and admired his gifts, the jazz musician was a species beneath their consideration as a serious artist and Dave’s unorthodox ideas about music were resisted and discouraged by some of the faculty and many of the students. Given his single-mindedness and cowboy stubbornness, the opposition may have spurred Brubeck in his determination. Ironically, in developing his jazz, Brubeck was dedicated to experimentation with tonality, harmony, and polyrhythms not unlike qualities in the music of Bartok, Schoenberg, Stravinsky, Milhaud, and other pioneers of contemporary ‘classical’ music.” The two parts were published on the anniversary of his death (Dec. 5) and the anniversary of his birth (Dec. 6).
Dave Brubeck: A Life in American Music - Part 2,” , Dec. 6, 2019

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