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Open Enrollment News: Kaiser high-deductible health plan limit changes

Nov 13, 2019

Kaiser Permanente has made changes to both the calendar year deductibles and out of pocket maximums for its high-deductible plan effective Jan. 1, 2020.

The calendar year deductible will be $2,800 for single coverage and $5,600 for family coverage. While the updated out of pocket maximum will be $5,600 for single coverage and $11,200 for family coverage.

This was not a change initiated by University of the Pacific; Kaiser made this change in response to the 2020 cost of living adjustments by the Internal Revenue Service.

To find more information on high-deductible health plans and health savings accounts, and if they are right for you, visit Pacific’s HSA website. You will find many resources such as a HDHP and HSA Overview Presentation and an HSA Basics Presentation

Open enrollment for 2020 employee benefits ends Sunday, Nov. 24, for all three campuses. This is a mandatory enrollment and everyone must elect their benefits even if making no changes or opting to waive coverage.

For more information, contact the Benefit Resource Center (BRC) at 1.888.336.7463 or via email at or the Human Resources Department at 209.946.2124 or

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