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University Assessment Committee: Faculty Workshops Recap

A workshop series designed to improve student learning was held with 25 faculty participants.
Nov 14, 2019

During Fall Break, 25 Pacific faculty and staff attended a workshop series designed to engage faculty in activities to improve student learning. During the first workshop, attendees were guided through exercises that prompted them to question how they designed assignments for their students. Participants either brought a sample assignment prompt with them to work from, or used an assignment prompt from a Pacific seminar, and worked through CSUMB’s assignment guides. The second workshop prompted participants to reimagine ways to help students understand critical thinking. Participants worked in groups to create a diagram that depicted critical thinking. In feedback on the workshop, participants said they valued the “sense of community and common cause in teaching well” and “the group work and facilitated discussion.” Participants also stated they formed “new ideas about critical thinking” and “learned how to design assignments that clearly project the expectations and needs of assessment.” The workshops were hosted by the University Assessment Committee, the Office for Strategy and Educational Effectiveness, and the Center for Teaching and Learning, and facilitated by Swarup Wood, Professor of Chemistry at CSU Monterey Bay and assessment scholar with more than 20 years experience in teaching and assessment.

Summary for assessment website: A workshop series designed to improve student learning. The first workshop targeted aligning assignments with the outcomes faculty want to evaluate. The second workshop highlighted visualizing critical thinking for students. Facilitator was Swarup Wood (CSU Monterey Bay).