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Interfolio Faculty 180

What is Faculty 180? 

Interfolio Faculty 180 is an online platform designed specifically for faculty activity reporting and evaluation. This tool implements a paperless, centralized and streamlined approach for annual reporting, establishes clear guidelines for the annual review process and provides an outlet to input career milestones as well as inspire interdisciplinary networking and collaboration. 

When is Faculty 180 available to input activities?

Faculty 180 is available to faculty all day, every day.

Do Faculty have to update the same information each year?

No. Once a entry is made it "lives" on the site the only maintenance required will be to update the progress of the entry. 

I do not see a course under my course list. How do I get this added?

You can get a course added or corrected by filling out the missing course form and returning it Here

Login to Faculty 180 

 Interfolio Faculty 180 How to Guide