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Institutional Priorities 2018-19

Pacific 2020R

2018-19 Institutional Priorities and Initiatives


Institutional Priorities 2018-19

To become a university that delivers outstanding academic programs and excellent support services for students, Pacific will focus on the following institutional priorities :

  1. Further our strategic goals to enhance student support, strengthen liberal arts learning and solidify a unified university;
  2. Strengthen our financial sustainability;
  3. Embrace our values of diversity and inclusion; and 
  4. Receive WASC Senior College and University Commission reaccreditation.  

Thanks to the hard work and support of our university community, these efforts are underway and progressing well. 

Institutional priority 1: Further our strategic goals

Pacific remains committed to the strategic efforts described in our refreshed strategic plan, Pacific 2020R. Our strategic plan is our commitment to support "Students with Purpose" by enhancing student support services, preparing graduates for the rapidly changing society of the 21st century, and creating a new school of health. In addition, Pacific 2020R is committed to creating an "Agile and Dynamic University" where we are integrated across our three campuses and guided by our values.

Below are the three key strategic plan initiatives that will require significant efforts from all of us across Pacific this coming year to have a lasting and positive impact on our students, faculty and staff:

Undergraduate student support:

Building on last year's progress, our undergraduate student support work will include enhancing and integrating academic and career advising, enhancing systems to track and support student academic progress and career development, reinvigorating the first-year experience, and increasing support for wellness and mental health. The recently approved Strategic Investment Fund program, "Thriving Tigers," will allow this work to advance, thanks to collaboration from academics, Student Life and Enrollment Management.  

Transformative liberal arts education:

This year, our faculty will finalize shared core learning outcomes for our undergraduates. Teams of faculty and staff will begin integrating these shared learning outcomes into an impactful educational experience for all undergraduates that includes a revised set of General Education course requirements, and co-curricular and experiential learning opportunities.  

Build a unified university:

Our focus this year is to understand and review a set of policies and practices identified by each administrative division to ensure we are well aligned across our campuses and guided by our values. Practices and policies related to finance, technology, student services and marketing and communications will be reviewed, integrated and improved.  

In addition, areas identified by the Pacific community in a recent crowdsourcing exercise, including student services and employee-related practices, will be explored to understand how our core values can be better integrated, and where new approaches are needed.

Institutional priority 2: Strengthen our financial sustainability

In this new era of higher education, Pacific must grow and reduce spending to be financially sustainable. But until enrollments grow substantially, Pacific must ensure that we compensate our employees fairly and spend less than we bring in. In the coming year, the university will reduce and reallocate its budget to ensure our employees are compensated consistently with our newly adopted compensation philosophy and to achieve a 4.6 percent margin in the FY20 unrestricted budget. Informed by benchmarking, we will make strategic expenditure reductions to raise and distinguish Pacific's brand of preparing exceptional graduates who are ready for the future.

Institutional priority 3: Embrace our value of Diversity and Inclusion

Last year, the Pacific community had a thoughtful and authentic conversation to clarify our shared values. It is now time to bring these values to the forefront to define what each value means to us and to celebrate ways we live and embrace our values.

In the coming years, Pacific will identify one of these values each year to spotlight as an institutional priority. This year, Pacific will explore what it means to be a university that is deeply committed to our value of Diversity and Inclusion. We seek to be a university that respects all individuals and embraces the richness that our diversity brings to our educational community. We want to recognize and honor differences, creativity and what is distinct about our community to continue to foster a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment.  

Our university can be a role model for how an institution can embrace diversity and inclusion. Steps toward this aspirational goal will include:

  • Ensuring our educational community engages in thoughtful and open dialogues to reflect on ways diversity and inclusion can and should be manifested in our actions and behaviors.
  • Addressing gaps and opportunities identified by the Diversity Leadership Team to strengthen policies and practices and ensure our behavior is aligned with our commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • Incorporating diversity and inclusion, along with our other core values, into Pacific's personnel actions such as hiring, promotion, performance review and recognition practices.

Institutional priority 4: WSCUC Reaccreditation

The Reaccreditation Steering Committee did an excellent job engaging the university community to create a self-study report that provides a candid portrait of strengths and challenges at Pacific and demonstrates how the university complies with all WSCUC and federal standards. Pacific presented its self-study report to the WSCUC Reaccreditation Team in June 2018 and will host a site visit in March 2019, culminated by WSCUC commission action in June 2019.

Our values will guide this work—ensuring respect and civility, encouraging diverse voices and inclusive dialogues, and honoring the perspectives of our community of administrators, faculty and staff even while making difficult decisions and taking challenging actions. Most importantly, putting our students at the center of our actions and decisions and providing them with an excellent educational experience will ensure we meet our commitment to preparing our students for purposeful lives.

View 2018-19 Institutional Priorities and Initiatives below or download PDF here. SharePoint site for Pacific 2020R available here (Pacific login required).

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