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Health Studies Program
Sarah M. Mathis
Program Director
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Discover Health Studies

Health is not only the absence of disease or pathology but also the presence of a social, political and economic environment that promotes health. In Pacific's Health Studies Program, you will prepare for a career in the areas of health care that require a broad base of knowledge in the social sciences and the humanities.

Picture yourself:

  • Creating persuasive health campaigns to change the behavior of individuals and communities
  • Improving communication between doctors and their patients in a hospital or office setting
  • Analyzing health care data to improve hospital and nursing home performance
  • Drafting policies for consideration by legislatures
  • Helping patients cope with the challenges and stresses that come from health challenges
  • Coming up with solutions to reduce health inequalities based on culture, race, ethnicity, gender and social class
  • Bringing business skills to the administration of a hospital to efficiently and effectively deliver healthcare
  • Working closely with small groups of people, such as mothers, to teach them best practices for caring for themselves and their family members

As a Health Studies student, you will gain practical experience by working in the field with health professionals, first observing, and then participating. You will go out into the workplace to learn from practical experience, and return to your professors to analyze and learn from these experiences.