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Here are links for more information about the students, professors and alumni featured on the College's Instagram feed:

Georgio Pantouris

Georgio Pantouris

Georgios Pantouris is at Pacific because he loves chemistry. His research focuses on proteins that play an important role in the transfer, progression and development of cancer. The ultimate goal is to develop target-specific small molecule modulators that can be used for drug development. Read more >>
Natalie Compton Miguel Rodriguez

Natalie Compton

Miguel Rodriguez

Communication grad Natalie Compton '16 turned her love of travel and writing into a career that led her to the Washington Post. Read more >> Sociology major, Miguel Rodriguez '20 is passionate about social justice and health equity. He spent his summer 2019 doing a fellowship with the UCLA Public Health Scholars Training Program where he explored public health in Los Angeles and the city's vibrant culture.
Cristina Ortiz Ramesh Borad

Cristina Ortiz

Ramesh Borad

Cristina Ortiz is returning to her hometown of Stockton after studying and working in the Midwest. She says she had been keeping track of Pacific's sociology department and especially liked the department's commitment to experiential learning. Read more >>

Media X student Ramesh Borad spent part of his summer working on his first feature film. "I learned a lot about time management, how to work with a crew and managing talent. I made a lot of mental notes on how to run and manage a crew more efficiently. I met and worked with some really awesome, talented artists from all around the world." Read more >>
Bianca Piedra Mario Enriquez

Bianca Piedra 

Mario Enriquez

Working six weeks at a US Consulate in Mexico changed SIS student Bianca Piedra's idea of what it is to be Mexican-American. Read more >> Mario Enriquez graduated with a degree in sociology and is now the director of domestic programs at the LGBTQ Victory Institute in Washington, DC. Read more >>