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Political Science Four-Year Plan

This four-year plan* assumes you meet all fundamental skills requirements upon admission. It assumes a normal load (16 units) each semester except Fall 2 (17 units) and Spring 4 (15 units). At least 60 units of your degree have to be outside of political science courses.

Fall 1 (16 units)

Spring 1 (16 units)

PACS 1 (4 units) PACS 2 (4)
POLS 41 (4-Meets GE1B) POLS 21 (4-Meets GE2B)
POLS 11 or 51 (4-Meets GE1C) POLS 11 or 51 (4-Meets GE1C)
LANG 11A (4)

Fall 2 (17 units)

Spring 2 (16 units)

POLS 081 POLS 133 (4-Meets GE3B)
GE (3) GE (4)
GE (4) GE (4)
GE (4) GE (4)
Other elective (4)

Fall 3 (16 units)

Spring 3 (12-16 units)

POLS upper division elective (4) Washington Semester or Study Abroad
POLS upper division elective (4)
Other elective (4)
Other elective (4)

Fall 4 (16 units)

Spring 4 (15 units)

POLS upper division elective (4) POLS 189: Capstone (4)
POLS upper division elective (4) PACS 3 (3)
Other elective (4) Other elective (4)
Other elective (4) Other elective (4)

You have room in the program for a couple minors (for example, Pre-Law and Public Affairs) and/or a second major (for example, Sociology or Economics). What will they be?

* This document is for planning purposes only. Depending on the AP/IB tests you have taken, transfer coursework that you bring to Pacific, and your own interests, the plan you develop with your adviser may be different from what you see here.

Although five political science courses can be found in four general education (GE) categories, only two POLS course may be used as part of the GE breadth program.

It is possible to test out of the College's foreign language requirement, but membership in Phi Beta Kappa requires at least two years of foreign language coursework.

If you do not participate in the Washington Semester or study abroad programs, you should take two POLS upper division electives, the experiential learning course (POLS 187 or 191), and one other elective this semester.