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Pacific in the Press | Sept. 18, 2019

Sep 18, 2019

Quote of the Week

"The Children's Museum provides a unique opportunity to our kids as a safe place. ... It's really great to see the teachers, parents and kids love it."

Mary-Elizabeth Eberhardt, The Record, Sept. 14, 2019

Examples of how University of the Pacific was represented in the news media in recent days:

"All In The Family: This is the bedrock of any business," (the Philippines), Sept. 12, 2019: Peter Johnson, director of the Westgate Center for Leadership and the Institute for Family Business in Eberhardt, was featured in this business column ahead of his appearance at the Ateneo de Manila University (Quezon City, Philippines) family business convention. "No family can completely eliminate the challenges of working together day in and day out," Johnson told "To help ensure that your family business has a healthy and happy relationship year in and year out, you need to communicate honestly, plan for succession and spend time developing yourself so you can work on the business rather than in the business."

"Top state adviser outlines children's advocacy plans during Beyond Our Gates Literacy Dialogue," The Record, Sept. 14, 2019: The appearance by Giannina Pérez, Gov. Gavin Newsom's senior policy adviser for early childhood, was featured in this front-page story about the annual Beyond Our Gates Literacy Dialogue hosted in the DeRosa University Center. "As the governor has made clear, San Joaquin County, Stockton, the Inland Empire, places where many folks are living but not enough love has been given to, we are going to show up," Pérez told the crowd of about 200.

Children's Museum of Stockton celebrates 25 years as a safe place for kids to explore and learn," The Record, Sept. 14, 2019: Regent Mary-Elizabeth Eberhardt was quoted in this story as one of the founding board members of the Children's Museum of Stockton. The museum turned 25 and there was a celebration over the weekend. "One of the greatest things we have going here is lots of activities really worked well," Eberhardt told The Record. "The Children's Museum provides a unique opportunity to our kids as a safe place. ... It's really great to see the teachers, parents and kids love it."
"Monster Energy Accuses Nevada City Man Of Copyright Infringement For His Company's Logo," CBS 13 and "Good Day, Sacramento," Sept. 11 and 12, 2019: McGeorge's Mike Mireles commented in this story about Monster Energy taking on a startup company producing an energy product that used a somewhat similar logo. Mireles said consumers could be confused by the slight differences in logo and products.

"Lodi winery apologizes after refusing to host gay wedding," KCRA, Sept. 12, 2019: McGeorge's John Cary Sims was quoted in this story about the Lodi winery that refused to host a gay couple's wedding based on the owner's religious beliefs. He did not see a First Amendment issue. "If you're operating a commercial business that doesn't have anything to do with a church, your personal religious views are going to be almost irrelevant," he told KCRA. Several other outlets also carried a version of the story, including "Viaggio's apology doesn't soothe snub to gay wedding, couple says," The Record, Sept. 13, 2019. 

"Trump intends to roll back California emissions rules," KRCR (Redding and Chico), Sept. 17, 2019: McGeorge's Leslie Gielow Jacobs was interviewed on air for this story on news that Donald Trump wants to roll back California's emissions regulations, which other states follow in large part.

"Spanos Center to unveil new WCC logo, LED lighting as part of sweeping facility upgrades," The Record, Sept. 16, 2019: Athletics' Wes Yourth was quoted in this front-page story on upgrades to the Alex G. Spanos Center. He commented about the new, energy efficient LED lighting installed over the summer, and repairs and upgrades to the floor. "We were going to repaint the court from the new 3-point line all the way to the baseline anyway," Yourth told The Record. "This gave us an opportunity to do the whole court."

"Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese criticized for campaign email," San Jose Spotlight, Sept. 16, 2019: McGeorge's John Sims was quoted in this story about a Santa Clara County supervisor being criticized over a campaign email that seems to blur the lines between his campaign and official resources. "I was a bit surprised to see that he's used the campaign account but never identifies himself as a candidate," Sims told the news outlet. "As he's done it, there seems to be at least some question of whether he is misleading the recipients, if in fact he is using his current supervisor status to induce those getting the email to respond. I agree that having those email addresses would be valuable to the campaign."

"Young Athena winner lives her service," The Record, Sept. 13, 2019: Alumna Frances Richardson '11, executive director of the JobRedi Foundation, was named the 2019 Athena Young Professional Leadership Award recipient. "I have always been taught to serve others," Richardson told The Record. "It's my passion and goal to serve others in the community." She has degrees in biological sciences and psychology from Pacific.

"Local Roundup: Pacific water polo beats No. 5 Cal," The Record, Sept. 15, 2019: Pacific's men's water polo team beat Cal over the weekend and coach James Graham was quoted: "That's a huge early season win against a perennial powerhouse. The whole team did a great job. It was an exciting back and forth match in front of a big crowd."    

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