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Wendell Phillips Center 151
Lou Matz
Department Chair
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Discover Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy actively prepares students for a specific career, meaningful personal life and intelligent participation in their communities.

Our students graduate with analytical, critical and interpretive capabilities and a passion for knowledge and self-expression, preparing them to be responsible and intelligent citizens.

Become part of an intellectually curious community

To study philosophy at Pacific is to truly belong to a community of intellectually curious individuals. Pacific philosophers, both students or faculty, are committed to pursuing answers to life's most vexing questions.

The department offers philosophy courses that address issues all human beings confront, such as the nature and limits of knowledge, the principles of right and wrong, the meaning of life, the truth of religious claims and the nature of reality. These courses aim to inspire students with new ideas and prepare them for a life rich in critical thinking.

Students in the Department of Philosophy have created a thriving community that fosters intellectual and social development on campus. Many students participate in Phi Sigma Tau, the national honor society for philosophy or Think Tank, Pacific's philosophy club, where students meet weekly on Wednesday nights to watch films, hold informal discussions and prepare for upcoming conferences and symposia.

Discover new ideas, and new people

Through discussion in settings as varied as the classroom, the lawn beneath a stately campus redwood, and the local coffeehouse, students get to know philosophers from all eras and parts of the world, as well as one other. There are opportunities all around for the birth of new ideas, and new friendships.

Learn alongside dedicated professors

Philosophy students are able to work closely with professors who are the recipients of university-wide awards for excellence and innovation in teaching. All professors in the department are supportive, open-minded, and readily available to engage with students in discussion.

Build a solid foundation for your future

Philosophy is at the core of a liberal arts education. Because philosophy makes contact with issues from so many other disciplines, students of philosophy will become knowledgeable about a wide variety of subjects. For example:

  • In Philosophy of Science (PHIL 61), a student will grow more acquainted with ideas in physics.
  • In Philosophy of Mind (PHIL 121), issues of importance in the field of psychology are within view.
  • In Environmental Ethics (PHIL 35), a student will develop more familiarity with concepts in ecology and public policy.
  • In Bioethics (PHIL 145), one will become better acquainted with various problems in the field of medicine.

For these reasons, to study philosophy at Pacific is to get an extremely well-rounded education, and one that can give the student many different professional options.