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Professional Writing for the Workplace Certificate - Online

In professional communication, writing is often the first impression you make. From addressing potential employers in a cover letter to writing a well-crafted business memo or email, your writing skills demonstrate your attention to detail, your professionalism, and your ability to present clarity in a professional setting. Often even the best employees lack this skill, however. This program will prepare students to utilize professional writing in a variety of industries, including but not limited to the business, human resources, education, medical, government, legal, computer, science, technology, and engineering industries. This course is appropriate professional development experience for anyone who is interested in acquiring professional writing skills to maintain an edge in the job market or bring a new skill to his or her career.  

Students will gain practical writing experience, strong rhetorical skills, and will focus on writing clear and effective professional documents. Further emphasis will be on diction, tone, voice, audience, and precision. Students will learn professional writing skills while composing and preparing relevant professional documents.  

Date: Open enrollment. Start anytime - up to 3 months to complete.


This certificate is open to anyone with a grasp of the English language. It is not meant to teach basic language or workforce skills but to advance previously existing skills and career options. A high school diploma is strongly recommended before beginning this course.  

Online, 40 hours to complete. No text book required. Certificate is graded on complete/incomplete scale.

Course Code: UPTW 100 

Certificate Price: $599, 4 CEUs

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