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Career Paths

After graduation, mathematics students flourish in careers at insurance companies, various branches of government, law schools, medical schools and engineering firms. Some go on to pursue graduate studies in Mathematics. Others become math teachers at middle schools and high schools or pursue careers as actuaries. Mathematics plays an important role in many careers, a few of which are highlighted here.

Actuaries work for insurance companies, banks, investment firms and government agencies. This job is consistently rated among the top five professions in the United States. Actuaries determine the risk involved with certain decisions, such as how much car insurance should cost or how mutual funds should be managed.

Qualified high school mathematics teachers are always in demand. Many of our alumni had job offers before they graduated. 

Many branches and agencies of the government employ mathematicians. The Department of Defense, the National Security Agency, the Environmental Protection Agency and NASA are some examples.

Operations research analysts work in an organization to keep things running efficiently. How should production be scheduled? How should resources be allocated? 

Earning a math major is good preparation for law school. Lawyers must be analytical, creative and skilled in logical reasoning and problem solving. Training in mathematics develops these abilities. 

Medical schools have a strong record of accepting math majors. Our program is designed to allow students to take a broad range of courses that might include biology and chemistry if you are interested in the medical profession.

Other career possibilities for math majors include:

  • Engineer
  • Computer programmer
  • Statistician
  • Economist
  • Dentist
  • Science writer or editor
  • Environmental consultant