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The curriculum was developed to meet the national accreditation standards for the American Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE). One of the distinct values of occupational therapy is the emphasis on a client-centered approach to improve health and quality of life through participation in the occupations of everyday life. The curriculum design is centered on this premise and evidence supporting occupational engagement for the promotion of health and well-being. Students are considered to be adult learners who are stake holders in the delivery and depth of their education. The focus and values of Pacific's OTD program include:

  • Professional Leadership
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Reflective, Evidence-based Practice
  • Occupation-based Community Partnerships
  • Advocacy (Occupational Justice)

Through the eight trimester sequence, students learn to become general practitioners. However, occupational therapy doctoral students will have the opportunity to focus on specialty areas of practice such as clinical research skills, administration, leadership, program and policy development, advocacy, education, and theory development.

Year 1

Spring 1 = 18 units

Course Number Course Name Units
OTHR 301 Anatomical and Physiological Basis for Occupation 4
OTHR 302 Functional Movement and Biomechanics in OT 3
OTHR 303 Foundations of Occupational Therapy 3
OTHR 304 Research Methods and Scholarship in OT 3
OTHR 305 Art and Science of Occupational Therapy Practice 3
OTHR 306 Professional Development in OT 2


Summer 1 = 18 units

Course Number Course Name Units
OTHR 307 OT for Habilitation Challenges 3
OTHR 308 OT Intervention for School-based Practice 3
OTHR 309 OT Intervention for Adults with Physical Challenges 3
OTHR 310 OT Intervention for Adults for Psychosocial Challenges 3
OTHR 311 Clinical Conditions Seen in Occupational Therapy 3
OTHR 312 Clinical Assessment 2
OTHR 395A Capstone Preparation 1 1


Fall 1 = 14 units

Course Number Course Name Units
OTHR 313 Professional Documentation 2
OTHR 314 OT Topics in Areas of Specialization 3
OTHR 315 Educational Design and Scholarly Project 3
OTHR 316 Assistive Technology for Telehealth 3
OTHR 395B Capstone Preparation 2 1
OTHR 387A Fieldwork Level 1A 2


Year 2

Spring 2 = 18 units

Course Number Course Name Units
OTHR 317 Occupational Therapy Across the Lifespan 3
OTHR 318 Neurological & Cognitive Challenges 3
OTHR 319 Functional Neuroscience 3
OTHR 320 Leadership and Advocacy in OT 3
OTHR 321 Management of OT Services 3
OTHR 395C Capstone Preparation 3 1
OTHR 387B Fieldwork Level 1B 2


Summer 2 = 16 units

Course Number Course Name Units
OTHR 322 Standardized Case Assessment and Treatment in OT 3
OTHR 323 Emergent Practice Models 3
OTHR 324 Leadership and Ethics in Healthcare 3
OTHR 325 Application of Physical Agent Modalities 3
OTHR 326 Complementary and Integrative Health 3
OTHR 395D Capstone Preparation 4 1


Fall 2 = 12 units

Course Number Course Name Units
OTHR 389A Fieldwork Level IIA 12


Year 3

Spring 3 = 12 units

Course Number Course Name Units
OTHR 389B Fieldwork Level IIB 12


Summer 3 = 12 units

Course Number Course Name Units
OTHR 397A Capstone Experience 10
OTHR 397B Capstone Project Presentation 1
OTHR 327 NBCOT Practice Exam 1