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Master of Social Work Faculty

Rose Wong, PhD, MPA, LCSW

Program Director

Rose WongRose Wong, program director of the master of social work program, specializes in community-based research and social work education. On the research side, she works with community professionals to develop educational materials, including videos and screening instruments, on depression and suicide for Chinese immigrants and primary care providers who serve the Asian immigrant population. These materials incorporate culturally based expressions of psychological distress and address the stigma of mental illness. On the social work education side, she works on how to teach evidence-based practice decision-making and the nature of microaggressions among students and instructors in the educational setting.

Dr. Wong earned her master of social work and doctoral degrees from U.C. Berkeley and received post-doctoral training in the Department of Psychiatry at U.C. San Francisco. Prior to entering the field of social work, she earned a master of public affairs degree from Princeton University, studied post-baccalaureate level psychology and public administration in France, and worked as an international development consultant in Brazil and Portugal.

Dr. Wong is a licensed clinical social worker. Her clinical social work experience includes counseling children and families who experienced domestic violence and supporting the implementation of integrated mental health services for Asian immigrants in primary care settings.

You can view the mental health educational videos developed by Dr. Wong and her colleagues at

You can reach Dr. Wong by email at or by telephone at 916.739.7219


Field Director

“A day without social work is like a day without sunshine.” 

Mimi Lewis, Field Director, has worked in social work field education, the profession’s “signatory pedagogy” for over 20 years.  She takes joy in mentoring students in their professional development, agency engagement and conflict management.  As Field Director, she looks forward to supporting agency field instructors by teaching best practices in teaching students the skills, knowledge and ethics of social work. 

Mimi’s first social work job, at a grassroots domestic violence shelter, tackled social injustice head-on.  Her shift began on Friday at 5:00PM and went straight through to Monday morning at 8:00 AM – she was hooked. After living on the Navajo Nation and teaching in the public school system, Mimi abandoned her desire to be a high school American History teacher and instead earned her Master of Social Work degree at Arizona State University.

Mimi Lewis is a licensed clinical social worker and a certified alcohol and drug counselor.  She has been both a therapist and an agency program administrator.  In Tucson, Arizona Mimi directed a transitional housing program and in Honolulu, Hawaii, an outpatient alcohol and drug treatment program.  She has a particular interest in trauma stabilization practices with the addicted trauma survivor and with children of complicated beginnings.  

Mimi is a grateful new faculty member in Pacific’s School of Health Sciences.  With social work sharing the facilities with a number of allied health programs, there is no doubt that the Pacific MSW student will enjoy a wide lens when studying social work and healthcare.  

You can reach Mimi Lewis by email at or by telephone at 916.325.4646

Nurit Fischer-Shemer, PhD, MSW, MEd

Assistant Clinical Professor

Dr. Nurit Fischer-Shemer, assistant clinical professor in the social work program, is a social work educator specializing in generational historical trauma among individuals, families, and communities. Her research and work are community-based, with a focus on losses, grief processes, coping and resilience mechanisms within life span perspectives, and with an emphasis on older adults. Her educational philosophy is student centered and she has teaching experience in universities, schools, and communities. She believes in a holistic approach to health which recognizes the whole person in their environment.

Dr. Fischer-Shemer has a master of social work and a doctoral degree in social welfare from the University at Buffalo, New York. Prior to her career in social work, she earned a pharmacy degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and worked in multiple health settings in the public, private and military sectors. She also holds a master's degree in science and technology education from Be’er Sheva University of the Negev, where she worked on the development and evaluation of educational programs and studied attitudes and sources of information of young people.

Dr. Fischer-Shemer lived in Israel and Mexico before moving to the United States. Her work experience includes micro, mezzo and macro social work practice with children and grandchildren of mass trauma survivors, refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers, and community training at schools and organizations in Buffalo and Rochester, NY.

You can reach Dr. Fischer-Shemer by email at or by telephone at 916.325.4644