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Pacific in the Press | July 30, 2019

Jul 30, 2019

Quote of the Week

"It’s another ... hardship that’s hit because of the wildfire issue. … People are attracted by the housing affordability and rising insurance costs put a real dent in that."

Jeff Michael, The Modesto Bee, July 29, 2019

Examples of how University of the Pacific was represented in the news media in recent days:

"California wildfire insurance is in crisis. And the real estate market is suffering," The Sacramento Bee, July 29, 2019: The Center for Business and Policy Research's Jeff Michael was quoted in this story on the rising cost of home insurance in areas prone to wildfires. "It's another ... hardship that's hit because of the wildfire issue," Michael told The Bee. "We tend to see lower incomes in those areas. People are attracted to them by the housing affordability and rising insurance costs put a real dent in that." The story was published by other outlets, including The Modesto Bee, the (Fairfield) Daily Republic, Napa Valley Register, Bakersfield Californian, Winona (Minnesota) Daily News and Ravalli Republic (Hamilton, Montana).

 "Modesto as New England?! 1927 map shows how Hollywood used California for filming,", July 27, 2019: This story makes reference to the use of Pacific's Faye Spanos Concert Hall in George Lucas' "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

"Yum Yum Sauce: The Making Of An American Condiment," Alabama Public Radio, July 29, 2019: Food Studies' Polly Adema was quoted in this story about the creamy orange-pink sauce placed next to a steaming meal at teppanyaki restaurants. She said the sauce's origins are fuzzy, but likely not deeply rooted in Japanese culture. It may have come from the taste for mayonnaise in both American and modern Japanese cultures. "Which came first: an affection for mayo or a mayo-enriched dish?," Adema asked. "(It's) one of those questions we may never be able to answer." The story aired on National Public Radio stations across the country.

"Chester Caddas, Pacific's folksy coach, taught X's, O's and human side of football," The Record, July 27, 2019: Alumni Pete Carroll, Ted Leland and Dick McClure were quoted in this story about the death of former Pacific football head coach Chester Caddas. "I'd say his style was tough love with a little southern humor mixed in," Leland '70, '74, for three seasons Caddas' defensive coordinator and Pacific's former athletics director, told The Record. "He made us all feel as a family. He had a real feel for football players and a real feel for human side. He had a way of coaching that transcended X's and O's."

"Vestiges of Amador-It's a Small World for This Jazz Fan," Ledger Dispatch (Jackson, California), July 28, 2019: Alumnus Dave Brubeck '42 is featured in this piece on his connection to Amador County and playing with the author's older brother. A portion of the piece reads: "Dave respected the wishes of his mother and continued with his piano lessons but was intent on becoming a rancher and enrolled in the College of the Pacific in Stockton to study veterinary science. This changed when one of his professors urged him that he should switch to music because his heart was not in his science studies. The young man took his advice and changed his course but encountered difficulty. He was nearly expelled when it came to the attention on one of his teachers that he was not able to read music; however, because of his demonstrated abilities and understanding of music notation, he graduated in 1942 with the caveat that he would never give piano lessons to avoid any embarrassment to the college."


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