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Be prepared should the power go out

Jul 23, 2019

Pacific Gas and Electric and other utilities are warning that they may have to shut off power for days in some communities. Utility officials have promised a 24-to-48-hour notice of a planned outage, or a Public Safety Power Shutoff, but Californians should prepare now.

Here are resources:

Customers of other power utilities should contact their provider to learn how they might be affected.

University of the Pacific is developing a plan for what students, faculty and staff should do in the event normal business operations are disrupted if power utilities shut off electricity in an effort to prevent wildfires this summer.

PG&E and local government agencies are holding informational meetings about the Public Safety Power Shutoff. The Stockton Record recently published a story that included dates for future public information meetings. A Stockton community meeting will be held Thursday, Aug. 1, 6:30–9:30 p.m. at First Baptist Church, 3535 N. El Dorado St. For more information, contact Emily Ballus, University Renaissance Neighborhood Committee.

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