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Wellness news: Discussing allergies with your dentist

Allergic to the dentist? Here are real allergies you should watch out for.
Jun 11, 2019

As you wait for your next dental exam, you probably have a list of things you'd like to discuss - whether you have any cavities, which mouthwash you should use or how much your insurance will cover. But here's one important topic that probably doesn't make your list: allergies.

Though common allergies like hay fever won't affect your visit, certain contact allergies can cause problems. Allergic reactions to latex, anesthesia or even certain metals - which may be used in fillings, retainers or partial dentures - are all important to mention.

If you do have an allergy to anesthesia or another substance used in dental work, don't worry. Safe alternatives are available, and your dentist will be able to discuss these options with you, such as using neoprene or nitrile gloves instead of traditional latex.

Make sure to call your dental office at least 24 hours before your appointment to inform them of your allergy. This is particularly important for latex allergies, since everything from gloves, rubber dams and x-ray bite tabs can contain latex. Giving the office prior notice will help ensure that your experience is allergy-free.

Even if you don't think your particular allergy is cause for concern, it's always worth a quick discussion with your dentist. And, as always, don't forget to mention any other health-related information during your appointment, such as pregnancy, diabetes or osteoporosis.

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