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Sustainability news: Green Move Out Gives Back to the Stockton Community

Sustaining Pacific and student volunteers collected more than 3,000 pounds of donations during the annual Green Move Out program on the Stockton campus.
Jun 4, 2019

This year marks the third year for the Green Move Out program, which occurs on the Stockton Campus during the final two weeks of the spring semester. Resident students are asked to place donations of clothing, non-perishable food, electronics, school supplies and more in boxes in each of the residential campus buildings. By collecting these materials, Sustaining Pacific keeps usable food and goods out of landfills and recirculates them into the Stockton community.

Student volunteers worked 166 hours to collect 1,353 pounds of clothes, 320 pounds of bedding, 751 pounds of food and 278 pounds of kitchenware, along with other materials. The majority of donations were sorted by volunteers and picked up by local partner organizations: Stockton Shelter for the Homeless, Community Hospice, ACE (Altamont Corridor Express) and St. Mary's Dining Room.  

Some of the items collected were offered to the Pacific community at the highly anticipated annual Green Move Out Sale. Campus employees and summer students found deals galore on electronics, books, clothes, furniture and art. Dr. Camilla Saviz, professor and chair of the Civil Engineering Department in the School of Engineering and Computer Science, commented that students and faculty were "incredibly excited about 1) getting what they needed, 2) saving money, and 3) preventing stuff from going to the landfill." Proceeds from the sale will be used to fund next year's Green Move Out program. 

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