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May 7, 2020

This Academic Council meeting will be conducted using Zoom. Please contact the Faculty Governance Office for the meeting link. 



I. Consent Agenda                          

  1. Approval of Minutes from April 30, 2020 meeting  
  2. Course Changes:  
    1. COMM 045 - Adding GE category 
    2. POLS 031 - Adding GE category 
    3. MATH 004 - New course 
  3. Program Changes: None 

II. Action Items

  1. Subcommittee Transition Policy  
  2. SOECS Faculty Evaluation Guidelines
    1. SOECS Faculty Evaluation Guidelines with redlines 
    2. SOECS Faculty Evaluation Guidelines final 
  3. Undergraduate Admissions Standards for Spring 2021 and Fall 2021
    1. Motion 1: “To modify Pacific’s undergraduate admissions standards for incoming students so that standardized tests are optional but preferred for Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 applicants.

III. Election of Academic Council Executive Board for 2020-2021 

Article 5.C The Executive Board 

5.C.1 Membership and Election 

The Executive Board shall consist of the Chair, Chair-Elect, Past-Chair of the Academic Council and four at-large members. The Executive Board shall be broadly representative of the entire Faculty. The six members of the Board other than the Chair shall consist of three representatives from the College of the Pacific and three representatives from professional schools. The at-large members are nominated and elected from the new and continuing members of the Council at a May meeting (See Article 5.D.4.). Election requires a majority of the ballots cast at the meeting.  At-large members are elected for one-year terms and may not serve more than three consecutive terms. 

Note:  Both new and continuing voting members of the council vote for ACEB 

IV. Reports and Discussion     

  1. Provost's Report – Interim Provost, Michael Hunter Schwartz 
  2. AC Chair’s Report—AC Chair, Jeff Miles 
  3. ASUOP President’s Report—ASUOP Vice President, John Gutierrez 

V. Executive Session