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April 9, 2020

Important Announcements:   

  • This Academic Council meeting will be conducted using Zoom. Please contact the Faculty Governance Office for the meeting link.


  I. Consent Agenda

 II. Action Items

  1. Faculty Handbook Update – Modifications to Section 6.3.11, University Diversity Committee 
    1. Reforming committee as University Committee for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (UCDEI) with an expanded focus on equity and inclusion, additional responsibilities including SIF Capacity Funding, the dissolution of the Diversity Leadership Team, and a reduction in overall voting members to streamline committee functioning 
    2. Document tracking changes between UDC and UCDEI committee charge 
  2. Faculty Handbook Updates to include School of Health Sciences 
    1. Modification to Section 6.2.1 - AACU
    2. Modification to Section 6.2.4 - AACG
    3. Modification to Section 6.2.8 - FRC
    4. Modification to Section 6.2.16 - TEC
    5. Modification to Section 6.2.3 - CAPD
    6. Modification to Section 6.2.9 - GE 
    7. Modification to Section 6.2.7 - Faculty Grievance 
    8. The establishment of the School of Health Sciences (SHS) co-locates the following programs administratively: Bachelor’s programs Speech-Language Pathology; Master’s degrees Athletic Training, Clinical Nutrition, Nursing, Physician Assistant Studies, Social Work and Speech-Language Pathology; and Doctoral programs Audiology, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy. The SHS will participate in shared governance and thus the various university committees require the inclusion of membership from the School. 
  3. Graduate Catalog Update – Academic Regulations: Policy on Graduate Assistantships 
    1. The purpose of this proposed addition to the Graduate Catalog is to establish consistent guidelines for students receiving graduate assistantship awards.  The policy was compiled as part of the AACG sub-group charged with revising academic regulations.  
  4. P/NC and Late Withdrawal Option for SOECS Master of Science in Engineering Science (MSES) Students  
  5. P/NC and Late Withdrawal Option for Other Units: "AACG pass/no pass or withdraw options: The AACG will allow any motion respecting changes to pass/no pass or withdraw options for the Spring 2020 term brought forward by their relevant curriculum committee to be approved at the discretion of the Graduate Dean, consulting the chair of the AACG as necessary.  It will be the responsibility of the Graduate Dean to inform the AACG committee."

III. Discussion/Information Only 

  1. Discussion with Chairs of Committees Proposed to become Subcommittees of Academic Council 
  • Academic Facilities Improvement Committee = 4 member subcommittee - Lewis Gale 
  • Admissions and Financial Aid Committee = 3 member subcommittee – Daniel Ebbers 
  • Faculty Compensation Committee = 4 member subcommittee - John Lessard 
  • Library Committee = 3 member subcommittee - Nicolas Waldvogel 
  • Professional Relations Committee = 3-5 member subcommittee - Abel Fernandez 
  • University Awards Committee = 3 member subcommittee - Mary Kay Camarillo 
  • University Compensation Committee = 4 members – same as FCC (admin chair) 
  • University Facilities Committee = 1 member from AFIC (admin chair)  

 IV. Reports and Discussion     

  1. Provost's Report – Interim Provost, Michael Hunter Schwartz 
  2. AC Chair’s Report—AC Chair, Jeff Miles 
  3. ASUOP President’s Report—ASUOP Vice President, John Gutierrez 

 V. Executive Session