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Faculty Advisors

Faculty advising at Pacific is a personalized mentoring experience through which faculty guide students to explore their intellectual interests, learn the requirements for degree completion and discuss life after graduation.

Need help finding your faculty advisor?
Log in to InsidePacific and select Academic > Student & Financial Aid > Student Record > View Student Information and Select Term
OR contact the Academic Advising and Career Services Center.

During orientation at Pacific, students work with a faculty advisor in their school or college degree program, and the same advisor often remains with the student throughout the duration of their study. Faculty advisors are the first point of contact to answer major-specific questions and to assist students with exploring their post-graduate and career interests.  They work in collaboration with other members of students' advising network (academic advisors, career advisors, and care managers) to support students in achieving their goals while at Pacific.

Faculty advisors assist students with:

  • Connecting their academic, life and career goals
  • Selecting classes and understanding degree requirements
  • Developing a realistic educational plan and monitoring academic progress in DegreeWorks
  • Incorporating out-of-class opportunities that support their career goals
  • Connecting with campus resources