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November 14, 2019


I.   Consent Agenda                                                                                                            

A. Approval of Minutes of the October 10, 2019 meeting

B. Physician Assistant program changes

C. Public Policy program changes

D. Engineering Physics program changes

E. Philosophy Minor program changes [Removed for further revisions]

F. Public Affairs Minor program changes

G. Art History Minor program changes

H. Dental Hygiene program changes (document 1 and document 2)

I. Course Changes:

II. Action Items:

A. Nomination of Dr. Shinbori for the Emeriti Society

B. Certificate proposal form for adding new certificates

C. Advising Subcommittee Charge

III. Discussion/Information Only

A. General Education program changes

B. Proposal for an Academic Council subcommittee structure

C. Retirement Committee need for a voting faculty member

IV.   Reports and Discussion                                                                                        

A. Provost’s Report—Interim Provost, Michael Hunter Schwartz

B. AC Chair’s Report—AC Chair, Jeff Miles

C. AC Chair-Elect's Report—AC Chair-Elect, Jeff Shafer  

C. ASUOP President’s Report—ASUOP Vice President, John Gutierrez

IV.   What's on Your Mind?