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Online Course Development Grant Available

May 8, 2019

The Provost seeks proposals from Pacific faculty for the development of quality, inclusive and student-centered online courses that are closely aligned with the priorities and strategic academic goals of the University.

As originally denoted in Pacific's Academic Plan: Crossing Boundaries for Academic Excellence (Goal 1B - Diversify teaching and learning modalities and program formats):

"Pacific will enhance its educational offerings through innovative delivery of curricula to adapt to the needs of a new generation and new population of learners. All . . . students enter the University with increasingly sophisticated skills and expectations around the use of technology in the teaching and learning process. Working professionals prefer the convenience of hybrid learning through online delivery combined with the benefit of face-to-face interaction. Pacific will build upon its reputation and expand its ability to deliver courses and programs to broader populations."

Interest in, and demand for, fully online or hybrid academic courses is increasing as potential students consider access to higher education as well as price point.  Pacific has a history of offering several courses online during the summer for undergraduate students looking to accelerate or maintain their trajectory to a 4-year degree.  Graduate students often seek to enroll in online/hybrid courses as they juggle work, family and education. Additionally, Pacific will be offering fully online programs in law, education and nursing in 1-2 years.  Pacific's ability to offer online/hybrid courses, when appropriate, offers opportunities to increase access for current or prospective students, resulting in new opportunities for successful student recruitment and enrollment growth.

Pacific is known for the quality of its courses, its academic programs and the student experience. It is essential that we maintain that excellence when online/hybrid courses are offered. In addition to our commitment to the integrity of educational quality, the Department of Education mandated compliance metrics for online teaching, best practices for online teaching are now well-developed.

The Provost is seeking to develop an expanded portfolio of courses for online and hybrid delivery for graduate programs and summer session undergraduate courses. In order to support the growth of high-quality online education, the Provost Office has established the Online Course Development Grant (OCDG) as a means of prioritizing Pacific's investment in developing and improving quality courses for online delivery where appropriate. The OCDG supports interested faculty in the development of new online courses and, in limited circumstances, the further development of existing online courses to ensure modern best practices are incorporated for the benefit of our students. A limited number of awards (15), up to $3,000 per course, are available for AY19-20. Courses must be developed and ready to enroll beginning the 2020 summer session.

Proposals are accepted from Pacific faculty, faculty teams, and collaborative inter-disciplinary groups. If multiple instructors wish to collaborate in developing one course the award will be split between applicants. Each proposal must include at least one full-time Pacific faculty member. Individuals who have received previous funding to develop an online course and are still in the process of developing their course are not eligible. Individuals may only apply for funding to develop one course per academic year.

OCDG grant proposal procedures
To request funds from the OCDG an applicant must:

Email both the application and letter of support to no later than Friday, June 14, 2019. Funding of accepted award proposals will be announced by July 1, 2019.

Review Process
University College(UC) will facilitate the review process. It has a variety of resources to assist faculty with online course development and delivery. These resources include instructional designers who can work directly with faculty as they develop the courses, extensive videos and training materials to assist with using Canvas, and modules that support faculty as they transfer face-to-face curriculum into robust, engaging high-quality online courses. A review committee consisting of the Dean of University College, Benerd School of Education/University College faculty with expertise in online education, and instructional design staff will review program proposals and provide recommendations to the Provost, who will make final funding decisions in consultation with respective Deans.

Online course development funding requests will be evaluated with the following criteria:

  • Relationship to college and department priorities and to the University's strategic plan
  • Clarity and scope of the student learning outcomes of the class
  • Quality and scope of the methods used to assess the course student learning outcomes
  • The overall impact the project will have on Pacific
  • Quality of the proposed online unit/module
  • Appropriate use of campus resources and available technological tools

Highest priority will be given to the proposals that seek to:

  • Deliver general education and transferrable courses
  • Develop/improve on-line undergraduate courses offered in summer session
  • Develop on-line graduate-level courses

The following requirements must be met before grant funds are distributed.

  • Instructor completes the University College Online Teaching Training course or an equivalent training/course, such as OLC Online Teaching Certificate Program. If you wish to apply for a waiver from the University College Online Teaching Training Course, please attach a copy of the certificate(s) received in application
  • Course development is completed in collaboration with University College instructional design staff, and is based upon inclusion and utilization of Canvas LMS
  • The course, and course materials are compliant with university and federal policies/requirements (including, but not limited to ADA, Copyright, Seat time, as well as University Syllabus requirements)
  • The course passes a Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT) review managed by University College staff. Passing a QLT review includes the completion of self-reviews by the instructor and at least two reviewers and course revisions/updates to meet all QLT standards
  • The course must be approved through the Shared Governance process as a regular, unit-bearing course
  • The course is to be offered online during the calendar year 2020 summer sessions

Contact Information
For more information on what is involved in developing an online course, or for any questions pertaining to this program, please contact

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