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Wellness news: Healthy Eating in a Fast Food World

Mar 26, 2019

In today's world, where time is precious and convenience is essential, a quick stop at a drive-through is rapidly becoming the norm. More than 20 percent of all meals are eaten somewhere other than home and come from fare not found in the four food groups. The increases in obesity, diabetes and other serious health problems can be traced back to poor eating habits and over-processed foods.
The good news is that it's never too late to change your eating habits. The tips below can help you get out of the fast food lane and hop on the path to better health.

Shop smart. Healthy eating starts in the grocery store. Healthy choices can easily be sabotaged by a quick trip down the candy aisle. Try shopping around the perimeter of the store, where less processed foods like fruit and vegetables are usually found. If you must venture down the 'riskier' inner aisles, bring a list and stick to it.

Fool fast food. It would be great to never set foot in another fast food restaurant, but since that's unlikely, choose healthier options when you do go. Skip the processed cheese, order sauces and dressings on the side and opt for smarter choices like grilled chicken, fish or even a small hamburger. Picking lighter foods can cut fat by half.

Slash sugar. Spice is nice, but the sugar sure isn't. Loaded with calories and devoid of nutritional value, this culprit contributes to type 2 diabetes, obesity, tooth decay and greater risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer.
Pay attention. Many people keep eating when food is in front of them, even if they are no longer hungry, when watching TV, chatting on the phone or racing to a meeting. Try not to eat when your attention is elsewhere. If you must, ration the food so you can't overeat.

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