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Eberhardt School of Business Management Certificate program begins March 22

Mar 7, 2019

There is no substitute for great leadership. Lack of leadership and management ability is the fast track to failure for an organization. Often someone performing well at the technical side of a job, whether a teacher, lawyer, salesperson, or computer programmer, is promoted to a management position having had little or no training or experience in management. 

In working with many CEOs and senior managers over the years, often the challenge is "How do I develop my leadership team?"

Beginning March 22, the University of the Pacific Eberhardt School of Business Westgate Center will again be offering their Management Certificate program (like a mini MBA). This series is a great way to help staff in your department develop the skill set and understanding to be an effective leader.

Pacific employees receive a 50 percent tuition discount. This is a great opportunity to develop key people in your department to ensure future success.

For more information contact EJ Kim at 209.946.2956 or Complete program information can be found at

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