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Major: English and Film Studies

Graduation Year: 2016

Company: Publisher's Weekly Children's Editorial Assistant

Activities: Pacific Humanities Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society, Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society, Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society for First-Year Students, Omega Eta Epsilon Professional Fraternity

Sarah Yung '16

Sarah Yung

(Update: Sarah was hired at Publisher's Weekly as a Children's Editorial Assistant in September 2019)

Q - Tell us about your job.
A - I'm currently interning in the Reviews Department of Publishers Weekly, which entails writing, fact-checking and editing book reviews; acting as a liaison to publishers, and staffing the bookroom. Before this, I completed a four-month editorial internship at Bloomsbury USA, served as the editorial and marketing intern at Tor Teen, and interned for two months with HarperCollins Children's Books in the managing editorial department. 

I also freelance as a writer, editor and photographer. In my spare time, I'm completing a draft of my speculative young adult novel, which pays homage to T.S. Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock."  

Q - How did Pacific prepare you for your career?
A - Pacific gave me access to an abundance of extracurricular experiences and leadership positions, which was essential to securing internships once I moved to New York City for graduate school.  

My various involvements at UOP gave me ample opportunity to interact with people across majors and marginalities, which definitely strengthened my interpersonal and written communication skills. The responsibilities I held further instilled a sense of steadfastness and conscientiousness within me, while also nurturing my time management proficiency.  

Additionally, the professors at Pacific truly pushed me to fulfill my potential. I know that I wouldn't have been as ambitious as I am without their boundless support. 

Q - What experiential learning opportunities did you have while at Pacific? (i.e. internships, clubs, etc.)
A - I was a staff reporter and the copy and content editor for "The Pacifican," a literary editor and then co-editor-in-chief of "Calliope Arts and Literary Magazine," the treasurer for Sigma Tau Delta, the secretary and treasurer for Omega Eta Epsilon and a remote intern for the New York City-based fashion journalism company CollegeFashionista.  

I also participated in Pacific's Summer in China Program, which was an inimitable experience. I completed a photojournalism project thanks in part to the generosity of a Pacific Fund Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship.  

Q - How did your time at Pacific help you solidify what you want to do? What was your purpose?

A - While at Pacific, I set out to discover how my love of storytelling could be applied to a fulfilling career. My time at Pacific helped me recognize that I was interested in more than just English, though; there are so many areas of study, including film studies, gender studies and Chinese, which overlap and build upon each other in numerous unforeseen ways.

I was actually torn between applying to film school and applying for graduate programs in literature or communications. Ultimately, my childhood goal of becoming an author convinced me to matriculate at The New School for a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and to get involved in publishing.

Q - What advice would you give students who want to work in your field?

A - Definitely seek out internships as soon as you can. Entry-level jobs in publishing are nearly impossible to obtain without four or five internships under your belt or some serious inside contacts. Don't be afraid to leverage connections - networking and mentorship are key! If there are no viable internship options, get involved with "The Pacifican" and "Calliope," volunteer at your local library, or work at a bookstore. Employers love to see students taking initiative and engaging with writing and literature in some way.