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Benerd College
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Online & Hybrid Faculty Services

Instructional Designers in the Academic Technology team at Benerd College can help you design and develop your online course. The goal is to make online course development easier for you and make online learning more efficient and effective for students.

Use these forms to request assistance with course development and course review:

The following are a list of things Instructional Designers can help you with:

  1. Identify appropriate learning objectives for your online courses.
  2. Provide tips on using Canvas and other technological tools to teach online.
  3. Provide a second pair of eyes to identify potential issues in your online courses.
  4. Provide strategies for building an online learning community in your online course.
  5. Help to organize and structure your online course.
  6. Provide strategies for active and collaborative learning.
  7. Share examples of instructional strategies used in other courses and programs.
  8. Help define and develop criteria and rubrics for graded work.
  9. Help ensure course is compliant and accessible.
  10. Identify technology to support learning activities and course objectives.
  11. Help keep course development on track.

IDS Process

Figure 1. The five-step iterative process for instruction design service at Benerd College.

In Benerd College, we utilize a five-step iterative process (figure 1) that starts with scoping the broad parameters of the project/tasks and followed by designing and developing the course, after courses have been developed, we provide continue support in online delivery, and at the end of the course, data will be collected in order to evaluate student experience and prepare for possible improvements and revisions. It is a flexible model that works both on designing brand new online courses or updates and revisions of existing offerings.

IDS Timeline

Figure 2. Estimated time line for the five-step process, the process should take place six months (or more) prior to the anticipated launch date.

You can request instructional design service and work with one of the instructional designers at Benerd College. Before getting to work, a project kickoff meeting will be scheduled, either in-person or using the online conference service, WebEx. Your role will be a subject matter expert (SME) and during the meeting, you will discuss issues such as course format, target audience, timeline, communication plan, roles and responsibilities, compliant concerns, course components, as well as expectations and desired outcomes with your instructional designer. It is very helpful to provide existing course content, for example syllabus, online and face-to-face materials (such as handouts and PowerPoints), webinars and session recordings.

Instructional designers aim to help! Please keep in mind that through a healthy collaboration, we can work out the details and make high-quality online teaching and learning happen. So keep an open mind and write down what you would like to do and achieve in your online course, if there are any questions about what's possible, please contact us >

Please see the following documents for more details:

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